30 Days of Magic – Day 26: Magical Recruiting

I’m hiring for a few positions at work, and so far, I’ve not been able to attract the right candidates. Time is running out on filling the position, so I decided to work a little magic.

I pulled out the job description and sat in front of my computer. I launched Word and began to create a resume that matched the competencies that I needed the best candidate to possess. At the top of the resume, where the person’s name usually goes, I typed “Perfect Candidate.” In the summary section, I typed “Available to start immediately.”

I printed the resume, rolled it into a tube, and tied a long piece of string around it. I placed the resume on one side of my kitchen table and sat in the chair on the other side of the table. I lit a white tealight and said: “May the best candidate for my position find their way to me.”

Slowly, I began to pull the string, bring the resume closer to me[i]

. While doing so, I visualized my inbox being flooded by qualified candidates. I visualized the interview going well and the candidate accepting our job offer. When the resume finally reached my hand, I picked it up and burned it in the flame of the tealight.

“So mote it be,” I said, as I went back to my room to review the resumes I knew I’d receive soon.

[i] Technique taken from Earth Magic by Marion Weinstein.


30 Days of Magic – Day 17: Blackholes

My cable and internet went out yesterday. First, I had no idea how addicted I was to my devices, but that’s for another post. I finished all my housework and caught up on some reading. When it was time to wind down for the night, I wanted to watch something on TV. I dug through my old DVDs and found my DVDs of Heroes, a drama that focuses on people with superpowers. One character stuck with me through today. He had the power to create mini blackholes that sucked up everything in its path. Not only was the power cool, but the visual effect was amazing.

Today was a pretty normal day, but it seemed like everyone was on edge. My coworker snapped at me because he couldn’t get Excel to cooperate with him, my boss miscommunicated a project to me and was flustered when I didn’t provide him with what he needed, and my work bestie was in a bad mood since she didn’t get time for her vacation approved. This constant negativity just began to bog me down.

Inspired by Heroes, I decided to make a little blackhole of my own. I held out my hand and visualized a point of black light. I saw the light spin counterclockwise, slow at first, but faster as I continued to breathe and focus more energy into my hand. I then visualized the light turning into a cone that sucked all the negativity that came into my presence into oblivion. Slowly, I moved the blackhole to just over my left shoulder and willed it to be anchored there.

Throughout the rest of the day, any time I interacted with someone who was exuding negativity, I saw that energy be sucked right into the blackhole and out of my space. It worked so well that most people who walked over to vent out a random frustration immediately stopped when they stood in front of me.

Like most of the magic I’ve worked during this challenge, I’m going to add my blackhole technique to my magical Swiss Army knife to use in the future.

30 Days of Magic – Day 16: Sweat the Small Stuff

Some more work magic for the day. I was recently asked to lead some sales training for another department. I happily agreed since I’m trying to showcase my skills to more business units. This team has also been struggling to meet their goals, so any help I could give would be resume-worthy.

I split the sales team into two groups for more hands-on training. The first session went flawlessly. The second session, not so much. There is this one sales agent, named Eliza who has a lot of opinions. Normally, I like that, but she seems to be above it all. She reminds me of one of the mean girls from high school. Throughout the entire training, she was rolling her eyes, contradicting me, and just being generally disruptive.

After the session was over, I excused myself to the breakroom to refill my coffee. When I realized I forgot my notebook in the training room, I walked in to find her speaking negatively about me. When I asked for feedback, she simply said: “You tried your best.”

My blood was boiling. Luckily, I was able to keep my cool long enough to express some concerns to her supervisor. I told him that I felt that the first session went better and that the second group may benefit from more specialized training on topics they struggle with.

As I drove to the gym, I was still enraged. I’m not sure why I felt this emotional over someone who has no impact on my life, but it didn’t matter at the time. I pulled into the gym and sulked as I changed out of my work clothes.

When I got on the treadmill, I decided that I was going to use this anger in a positive way. I closed my eyes and told myself that I would banish my anger through my sweat. I cranked the treadmill up faster than maybe I should have and began to run.
I ran my ass off. By the time I ran my standard mile, I was covered in sweat. I was still mad, but not boiling. I drove home while listening to a podcast. I parked my car, walked into my house, and stripped naked in my hallway. I turned on my shower and busted out some mint and black pepper soap. I let the water wash over me and used the soap to clean my body with the intention of banishing my anger.

Once my shower was done, I toweled off and smudged myself with some sage for a little extra kick. Now, I’m eating some ice cream and getting ready for bed. I’m much calmer and think I’m ready to handle Eliza better in the future. If not, she’ll just become my motivation at the gym.

30 Days of Magic – Day 14: Compassion and Accountability

I hold a leadership position at my company. My job, unfortunately, includes the responsibility to make hiring and, unfortunately, firing decisions. The former is one of my favorite parts of my job. The latter, one of the least.

Today, one of my coworkers approached me and asked for my advice for disciplinary action for one of our employees. I used my typical approach, but asked my peer not to tell me which employee he was speaking about. This helps me remain unbiased.

My coworker explained that one of our customer service representatives had hung up on a caller. I asked if the caller had been abusive or if there could be some kind of mistake. The disconnect was deliberate. To make matters worse, the representative had recently been consulted for similar behavior.

“Well then, we have to let them go,” I said. The words sounded cold, but we couldn’t accept that type of behavior if we expected our customers to be happy. My coworker agreed with me and started to walk away.

“Who was it, by the way?” I asked, almost regretting the question as soon as the words left my lips. My coworker told me, and my stomach sank.

The employee in question was fairly new to the company. I trained him and knew from the time I spent with him that he was a new father. He accepted the position with us for the advancement opportunities our company offers. He hoped that he could work for us and provide enough income that his wife wouldn’t have to return to work. I tried to come up with a reason to keep him with us, but my opinion had already been shared.

I went to my normal hiding place at work, the third-floor bathroom. It was empty as usual. I washed my hands and tried to center myself. I ran a current of energy through my body and formed it into a tiny sparkling ball of light in my right hand. I took a deep breath and ran another current of energy and formed another ball of energy in my left hand.

I visualized the ball in my right hand glowing a soft pink. I infused it with the power of compassion. I visualized my coworker terminating the employee with kindness. I visualized the employee being given feedback on how to perform better in his future behaviors. I visualized the employee being offered suggestions for companies to apply for. Once the visualization was solid, I sent the ball of light to my coworker.

I saw the ball in my left hand glow iron gray. Into this ball, I added the power of accountability. I visualized the employee taking responsibility for the actions that led to his termination. I saw him take the news well and without blaming others. Finally, I saw him learn from this mistake and succeeding in his goal to care for his family. This energy was sent to the employee.

I left work before the conversation happened, but my peer called me to explain that the conversation went well and that the employee already had a lead on a new job. This made me happy with my decision to offer my true opinion of the situation and to add a little magic to the mix.

30 Days of Magic – Day 10: Creating Opportunities

I have worked in training and development for over a decade. Teaching people new skills, developing their talent, and helping them move forward in their careers is my passion. When I accepted my current position, it was because the company didn’t have a training and development department. Instead, they asked each department manager to train their own staff. When I was hired, the plan was for me to start with one department and slowly branch out to others. Sadly, during my time spent with our contact center, I became a pivotal member of the team and subsequently have had little time to dedicate to other departments.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the impact I have on the contact center team, but this wasn’t what I signed up for. I’ve made small moves and have been successful at getting into other departments to train their employees, but I keep getting pulled back to the contact center. Things came to a head today when I was asked to have a team of contact center employees report to me. This would permanently change my career path, and I know I wouldn’t be happy in the role.
I wandered to the third floor, which is currently under construction, and ducked into the restroom. I glanced down at the Ganesh tattoo on my forearm and began to pray. I expressed my gratitude for the success I have had so far but asked him to open the door for what I truly wanted to do. I asked for an opportunity to show my skills to the decision makers of the company in hopes that they would opt to use me in other departments.
I headed back to my desk and got lost in work. As I was packing up for the day, my phone rang. It was a program manager for the safety department of our parent company. She told that there was a safety training initiative and needed someone to lead the training session for our company. She said she already cleared it with my boss and that I would need to work at our corporate headquarters for a few days to learn the material. Afterward, I would begin training our entire organization, including the decision makers.
I floated out of the office and was on a high the entire drive home. Though prayer isn’t magic in the traditional sense, my plea to Ganesh did help me to co-create my reality. I think the best magic is magic aimed at creating an opportunity, rather than simply manifesting the desired outcome. I’m so excited for the opportunity I was able to (co)create today.

30 Days of Magic – Day 8: Do Not Disturb

As much as I bitch about it sometimes, I love my job. Well, maybe not my job per se, but I love work. After I received my first promotion about 11 years ago from a job I expected to be temporary, I’ve been career-focused.
I left my previous company after my position was eliminated. Luckily, I found a position quickly with a company that needed my expertise. My days are always overwhelming, but I thrive in an environment like that. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my coworkers don’t seem to be carrying their weight. In a given week, I handle 100% of my responsibilities, all while balancing about 50% of theirs. Not only is this exhausting, but I’m beginning to feel taken advantage of. I’ve scheduled some time to speak with my boss about the situation later in the week, but today I had to get some work done without distraction.
Since I’m usually the first to arrive at the office, I had some alone time to work some magic. I went to the breakroom and grabbed the salt shaker. It wasn’t sea salt like I normally use, but it would work. I created a circle of salt around my desk and work space. Once complete, I stood in the center and rested my hands in the center of my chest. I visualized the salt glowing black and charged the circle with the intent to block out unwanted distractions. When I opened my eyes and dropped my arms back to the side, I felt the energy of the circle become almost as solid as a brick wall.
When I passed through the barrier, my hair on my arms stood on end. I grabbed the little office vacuum and cleaned up the evidence of my magic. I returned the vacuum and the salt shaker and returned to my desk to start work.
When my coworkers and employees arrived, they gave their obligatory “good mornings,” but then left me alone throughout the day. I was able to concentrate on work and knock out most of my to-do list for the week. I shrugged this off as a coincidence, but when an employee came to my coworker’s desk for a meeting, she didn’t pull the chair over that I keep next to my desk. In fact, when I offered her the chair, she didn’t cross the barrier of my circle, but instead waited for me to push the chair over to her.
At another instance, a manager came up to my coworker’s desk to ask about when I would be in. My coworker shrugged his shoulders and gestured in my direction. Even though I was working at my standing desk, the manager didn’t notice I was there.
This spell was what I needed. It provided me the opportunity to work undisturbed and provide my peers with the opportunity to do some heavy lifting for once. I’ll definitely keep this spell in my arsenal for future use.

30 Days of Magic – Day 1: The Office Coffee Pot

I work in an office of 50 employees. As a small company, we all share responsibility for meeting company goals. Over the past year, our sales numbers haven’t been that great. Yesterday, we had an all-hands meeting where we discussed sales. It wasn’t so much a meeting as it was a scolding. Our senior leaders tried their best to keep the message positive, but we all felt beaten down by the meeting.

As we all slowly made our way back to our desk, I took a quick pitstop to the breakroom to refill my coffee mug. The coffee pot was empty, so I went to work to make a fresh pot. I took this as an opportunity to work a little magic.

When filling the filter, I charged the coffee grounds with laughter and lightheartedness. The water, I charged with determination. I cleaned the carafe to remove all roadblocks to success. As the coffee brewed, I visualized a large weight being lifted off of our shoulders and the bonus check we would receive once we doubled our sales numbers.

A filling my mug, I took the carafe with me through the office and offered people refills. My coworkers gladly accepted. A few minutes later, we were in much higher spirits and more determined to increase performance.

Magic doesn’t have to be spectacular. What mundane actions do you take daily that you might add a little magic to?