Dianne Sylvan Inspired Blog Challenge – My Favorite Witchy Movies

Most witches I know detest witchy movies because they never show “true” magic. In my opinion, if you want real magic, make some of your own. For me, movies are supposed to be fantastical and over the top. That’s what makes them fun. So here are my favorite witchy movies, in no particular order.

1. The Craft

Why I love it: I love how the girls were outsiders and how little it bothered them. The idea of getting revenge on terrible people resonated with my younger self. I also love how there was just enough real ritual to make it believable.

Favorite scene: When the three antagonists fly through Sarah’s window in her dream and choke her. Neve Campbell’s laugh gives me chills every time.

2. The Mists of Avalon

Why I love it: First of all, Angelica Huston is amazing! Secondly, like the Craft, the movie has enough real magic in it that it inspired some of my early rituals. Almost every line Angelica Huston has in invocation-worthy.

Favorite Scene: It’s a tie. The first is when Arthur is in the burning church and prays to God. Vivienne appears instead and says “You prayed to the God of Heaven, but it is the Goddess of the Earth that has answered you.” The second is towards the end when Morgaine enters a church and sees a Goddess statue repurposed as the Virgin Mary and realizes that even though Christianity has taken over, the Goddess was still alive and well.

3. Practical Magic

Why I love it: It’s a great mix of romance and magic. I also love the dichotomy between the two sisters and their approach to magic and life. It also has a super happy ending full of love and acceptance.

Favorite Scene: When Sally goes to rescue Gilly, and they’re both in the car with Jimmy. Gilly uses magic and appears very close in the mirror to send a secret message to Sally. Amazing!

Those are my top three. What witchy movies do you love?


17 Witchy Questions

A Youtuber named Raven Flower shared a #17WitchyQuestionsTag video. I like these types of thing because it gives me a focus for writing and because it becomes a community discussion. Several people have responded with YouTube videos and, although I plan to post videos at some points, I prefer the written word. So, below are my answers to the 17 Witchy Questions for 2017.


  1. When times get tough, do you fight? Or take flight?
    1. I typically take flight. I, admittedly, am a very sensitive person, which makes me prone to being hurt or offended more times that I’d like to admit. In the past, I’ve reacted to these issues by fighting. Not necessarily the physical kind, but I’ve had my fair share of verbal altercations. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of my own reactions, so I try to remove myself from negative situations and think through solutions before I act. If fighting is the best option, watch out! I’m going to come through with guns blazing. Usually though, removing yourself from toxic places is often the best solution.
  1. Is there a certain color you connect with?
    1. When I became serious about my practice, I noticed that the color blue began showing up in strange ways. When I visualize my personal energy, it’s blue. When I visualize my astral body, it’s covered in blue armor. When I astral project or do journey work, the world has a blue tint to it.
  2. What is your Sun, Moon, Rising sign?
    1. I was originally told that I was triple fire (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, respectively) by an astrologer, but I decided to do my own research. I’m a Leo sun (typical Leo, honestly), Virgo moon, and Scorpio rising. I’m not sure what this means, but it just means I have something else to research!
  3. Something you would change if you could.
    1. My brother killed himself several years back. At the time, he and I were estranged due to some bad decisions that he made. I felt that it was in my best interest to put some distance between us. About a month before he passed, he tried to call me. I sent the call to voicemail and never returned the call. If I could change anything, I would go back and answer the call.
  4. Are you passing down your knowledge to the next generation? If so, in what way?
    1. Sort of. I’m currently running a pagan study group and several of the members have children. So, in a way, I’m helping parents to form a religion background that they may pass on to their children. This blog is another way I’m passing on my traditions to the next generation. I also plan to hold workshops at local pagan shops geared specifically to LGBT youth.
  1. Ancestor connections? Who’s coming through?
    1. Tons! Along with the other four traditional elements, I add light, blood, and shadow. Blood represents my connection to those who come before me. So, ancestors play a huge role in my practice and get evoked before any other practice. The ancestor that comes through the most is my grandpa Joe. He has a very calming and protective effect on me.
  1. Do you prefer to do magick with others or by yourself?
    1. By myself. I tend to practice “on-the-fly” or instant magick. Basically, I have a need, I throw together some magick based on what I have on hand and where I am led. This approach doesn’t typically work with a group. With that being said, I would like to begin practicing magick and ritual with my study group.
  2. Do you feel there is only one type of meditation?
    1. Not at all. I’m not one for the silent type of meditation where you sit and count your breaths. I’m too restless for that. Instead, I prefer guided meditations or journey work. I also have experienced the same benefits of meditation while painting and dancing. I’ve even experience a light meditation when editing documents at work or playing board games with friends. My biggest tip for those new to meditation is to do what works for you.
  3. What is your favorite flower? Why?
    1. Lavender flowers – I love the way they smell and I use a lot of lavender in my ritual work. It’s just always been a staple in my home and my garden. I plant it next to the doors to attract love and to offer protection.
  4. Have you tried a new form of divination this year?
    1. Actually, yes. I have a few entries posted in the past few weeks about my new shiny crystal ball. There will also be more to come, as I have been working with her a lot. I’ve also spent a little bit of time with tea leaf readings. Maybe I’ll post a little on that too.
  5. What is your favorite what to connect to the elements?
    1. Ritually, I like to focus on the parts of the elements that are parts of myself. My breath in air, my bones are earth, my body heat is fire, and my blood is water. Mundanely, I like to connect to the elements by being out in nature, particularly in my garden. I also like to find new ways to view the elements. For example, the internet is an amazing symbol of the communicative powers of air. Electricity is pretty much the same as fire. The paint I use in art is both water and earth. Pretty much everything we do can have elemental associations if you look close enough.
  1. Tea or coffee?
    1. Seriously though, I love coffee. Specifically, iced coffee with a little coconut milk.
  2. Do you come a witchy family? Do you feel that bloodline is important or does it matter?
    1. I would say that I come from a magickal family. I don’t feel that blood is important though. Family is much more than that to me. I feel like once you find your tribe, any magickal associations or gifts that might be passed down genetically can be passed own energetically as well. Simply put, witches are made, not born.
  3. List 3 of your favorite YouTube channels.
    1. Joanna DeVoe, Kelly-Ann Maddox, and Molly Roberts. You can find links to their channels in the Resources section in the sidebar.
  4. What is your favorite witchy book?
    1. Fiction would be The Mayfair Witches series by Anne Rice. I love this book series and even made it a point to visit the house it was based around during my trip to New Orleans. Nonfiction would have to be the Temple of Witchcraft series by Christopher Penczak. It’s a great self-study course in the art and science of Witchcraft.
  1. An herb you haven’t worked with yet.
    1. It’s poisonous, but in small doses, it can help one to astral project. You can buy products with a smidge of belladonna in them, I’m just a big wuss.
  2. What are your goals for the next year?
    1. To find out what I want to be when I grow up. I just finished my MBA and have a decent job, but, like a spoiled kid, I. Want. More. I’d like to work in a field where I get to help people. I’d like to travel the world again, as well. I’d also like to see my study group grow. I want to bring in more people including newbies and advanced practitioners. I’d like to offer virtual and onsite classes and workshops, create YouTube videos, and grow my Tarot client base. I’d like Caffeine-Fueled Magick to be more than a blog, I want it to become a full offering of magickal education and self-development support.