Dealing with an Eeyore

This post is another that comes from one of my friends and semi-regular readers. We’ve all dealt with people whose spiritual vibration is lower than ours. I hesitate to use the word toxic because I don’t think that’s always the case. Personally, I know I can sometimes get into a funk and be no fun… Continue reading Dealing with an Eeyore


30 Days of Magic – Day 20: The Perfect Man

Unlike my other gay male friends, the majority of my close friends are straight guys. I have found that these guys are the kindest and most accepting people I have ever met. I got to spend some time with these friends recently, and one of them asked why I wasn’t dating. I gave my standard… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 20: The Perfect Man

Bless and Release

I’m sitting at the table sipping my cocktail as a quiet observer. The other six men at the table are absorbed in their cell phones, as they pick their favorite athletes. My friend is hosting the annual draft for his fantasy football league and asked me to come hang out. Despite the lack of conversation,… Continue reading Bless and Release

Tarot Meditation – The Three of Swords: Communication & Relationships

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. I needed to take a quick break from writing to focus on work, school, and all things available to me during Pride here in Columbus. I recently got a reading from Kelly Ann Maddox, and wanted to work through the insights I received in that reading, rather… Continue reading Tarot Meditation – The Three of Swords: Communication & Relationships