30 Days of Magic – Day 28: Protection Magic Part 2

Today I returned the ring to my friend and helped her to work some magical protection efforts. I walked in to her home and set up at her kitchen table. From my bag, I removed a box of sea salt, a sage smudge stick, a jar of rose water, and a bag of red brick dust.

I cast a circle. First, just large enough to surround the kitchen table. I invoked the Star Goddess and the Guardians, asking them to lend their energy to our magic. I blessed the items and charged them with the energy of protection.

I then pushed the circle outward, to surround the house. I pushed the circle out once again to surround my friend’s entire property.

I took up the sea salt and handed it to my friend. She sprinkled it around her property. While she was doing this, I visualized the sea salt forming a boundary that would serve as a warning to any who tried to harm her.

When she returned, I handed her the lit stick of sage. Again, she carried this around her property. I visualized the smoke fogging the senses of anyone who would attempt to cause her harm.
My friend sprinkled the rose water around her home. In doing so, she created a boundary that only love could cross. After she was done, I buried the left-over thorns from the jar beside her front door, willing them to pierce the spirit of anyone who would attempt to do her harm.

Finally, we lined each door and window with a line of red brick dust. Willing that anyone who should cross them that would do her harm would feel the full force of our magic.

We joined hands at her kitchen table and thanked the Guardians and Goddess for their assistance. Instead of taking down our circle, we visualized it forming a boundary around her home to solidify our spell.

I really hope that her stalker takes the hint and leaves her alone. For their sake.


30 Days of Magic – Day 27: Protection Magic Part 1

Without going into a lot of detail, one of my friends and sisters in the Craft is going through a stalking situation. After doing all the mundane things to protect herself; filing a police report, changing locks, updating her security system, and changing some of her habits; she asked me to help her work some magic.

Today, she brought me one of the rings she wears each day. I placed it at the feet of the Lilith statue that sits upon my altar. I Into my mortar, I placed some dried sage, black peppercorns, and dried red rose petals. With the pestle, I crushed the mixture into a fine power and burned it on a disk of charcoal.

I lit the black candle that sat next to the image of Lilith on my altar. I closed my eyes and invoked the Goddess by saying:
“Lilith, I call to you. I honor you. I desire you[i]

Come to me and aid me in my magick.”

Once I felt Her presence, I told Lilith the story in great detail. Once finished, I held the ring in the flame of the candle, through the smoke of the incense, and finally into a chalice of blood-red wine.

“Protect the one who wears this ring,” I said. I clapped my hands and felt the energy of circle dissipate in all directions.

I plan to give my friend her ring back tomorrow when I help her lay some protection magic around her home. I feel bad for her stalker. She’s not ready for the magic that’s in store for her.

[i] Invocation adapted from “The Magick of Lilith” by Baal Kadmon

Spring Reiving

I first learned about the concept of reiving, or the process of ritually cleaning, clearing, and preparing your magickal work space in the book Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. What started as practice of clearing my ritual space before a hefty ritual, slowly evolved to involve my home and surrounding property.

The first step in the process is extremely mundane. In fact, it involves the stuff that normal spring cleaning entails. I wash the walls, clean the baseboards, vacuum the floor. You name it, I do it. I even move the fridge so I can clean behind it. This is also my annual closet clean out. I take out everything that I haven’t worn in a while and set it aside for donation.

At this point, I’m usually a sweaty, dusty mess. I lay out some clean clothes and take a shower with intent. I ritually purify myself with sea salt and lavender oil. I then move to the center of my home.

On the coffee table, I place a dish of incense. It’s made of equal part sage, clove, and copal. Also on the makeshift altar is a dish of burning charcoal, a dish of sea salt, a chalice of water, a glass of red wine, a single white candle, and my athame.

I light the candle and ground myself. I cast a circle with my athame around my altar. Once the circle is cast, I visualize it expanding around my entire house. Once this thought it solidified in my mind’s eye, I push the circle out to cover my entire property.

Next, I place the tip of the athame in the salt to bless it. After I add three pinches of salt to the chalice of water, I sprinkle the water around my house working clockwise. I then move outside to sprinkle salt around the perimeter of my house. Side note – I typically do this late at night to avoid my nosey neighbors. Once I move back in the house, I toss some incense on the coals and repeat the process of smudging my house and the outer perimeter of my property.

When I return to the altar, I place the censer back in its place. I ground, once again, before picking up the glass of wine and sitting on my couch. Once, I’ve finished the wine, I head to bed, letting the circle dissipate, forming a natural ring of protection around my home.

B is for Brooms and Brickdust

    The candles are creating little pools of black wax on my table as I gather my supplies. Three yucca brooms, dust made of five red bricks, iron filings, dragon’s blood resin, and a vial of sunflower oil.

    I feel the Circle spin around me as I place the iron filings and dragon’s blood into the vial of oil. With a quick shake, I mix the oil and bless it the name of Ares, God of War. With my hand over the dish of dust, I invoke the names of Deimos and Phobos, the son’s of Ares, who represented Fear and Panic.

   The Circle spins faster as I push it’s boundaries to surround my house. I anoint the brooms with the oil. As I hang them over the entrances to my home, I ask that Ares declares war on anyone who walks beneath the broom who would cause me harm. I sprinkle the dust over the thresholds of the door way and every window and ask the son’s of Ares to cause fear and panic in the minds of anyone who crossed into my home uninvited.

With a clap of my hands the Circle is released  and my spell is cast.

– Joe (spell date 8/23/13)