30 Days of Magic – Day 28: Protection Magic Part 2

Today I returned the ring to my friend and helped her to work some magical protection efforts. I walked in to her home and set up at her kitchen table. From my bag, I removed a box of sea salt, a sage smudge stick, a jar of rose water, and a bag of red brick… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 28: Protection Magic Part 2


30 Days of Magic – Day 27: Protection Magic Part 1

Without going into a lot of detail, one of my friends and sisters in the Craft is going through a stalking situation. After doing all the mundane things to protect herself; filing a police report, changing locks, updating her security system, and changing some of her habits; she asked me to help her work some… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 27: Protection Magic Part 1

Spring Reiving

I first learned about the concept of reiving, or the process of ritually cleaning, clearing, and preparing your magickal work space in the book Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. What started as practice of clearing my ritual space before a hefty ritual, slowly evolved to involve my home and surrounding property. The… Continue reading Spring Reiving

B is for Brooms and Brickdust

    The candles are creating little pools of black wax on my table as I gather my supplies. Three yucca brooms, dust made of five red bricks, iron filings, dragon's blood resin, and a vial of sunflower oil.     I feel the Circle spin around me as I place the iron filings and dragon's blood… Continue reading B is for Brooms and Brickdust