Magick is Seldom Spectacular Because It Seldom Needs to Be

This quote from Donald Tyson has been the tagline for my blog since I first started it several years ago. It perfectly summed up my view of magick. I repeated it this past week when talking to a friend about magick. My friend asked about my magickal technique and was surprised to see that it… Continue reading Magick is Seldom Spectacular Because It Seldom Needs to Be


The Magick of Pendulums

I first encountered pendulums at Jupiter’s Door, a metaphysical shop in Norwalk, Ohio. My friend Liz and I walked in to the shop and saw the display of pendulums on the counter. We asked what they were and Judy, the owner of the shop, gave us a demonstration. I, of course, immediately purchased one. Most… Continue reading The Magick of Pendulums

Spring Reiving

I first learned about the concept of reiving, or the process of ritually cleaning, clearing, and preparing your magickal work space in the book Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. What started as practice of clearing my ritual space before a hefty ritual, slowly evolved to involve my home and surrounding property. The… Continue reading Spring Reiving

Amethyst Spell to Set Clear Boundaries

You will need: A bottle of purified water (any kind will do) The High Priestess Tarot card (from any deck that speaks to you) A piece of amethyst Set the items on your altar, as well as any tools you would normally use to cast circle and connect with Deity. Before beginning, close your eyes… Continue reading Amethyst Spell to Set Clear Boundaries