30 Days of Magic – Day 30: Keeping the Way Open

Today is the last day of my 30 days challenge. It’s been fun, but challenging to say the least. More importantly, it’s helped remind me of the quote from Donald Tyson, that also happens to be the tagline for my blog: “Magic is seldom spectacular because it seldom needs to be.” It would be easy… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 30: Keeping the Way Open


30 Days of Magic – Day 20: The Perfect Man

Unlike my other gay male friends, the majority of my close friends are straight guys. I have found that these guys are the kindest and most accepting people I have ever met. I got to spend some time with these friends recently, and one of them asked why I wasn’t dating. I gave my standard… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 20: The Perfect Man

30 Days of Magic – Day 18: Magical Meal Prep

I used to travel internationally for work. I looked at it as an adventure and challenged myself only to do things I couldn’t do at home. As part of this challenge, I only ate at local restaurants and avoided all national chains. This helped me develop a love for good food. When I stopped traveling… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 18: Magical Meal Prep

Bless and Release

I’m sitting at the table sipping my cocktail as a quiet observer. The other six men at the table are absorbed in their cell phones, as they pick their favorite athletes. My friend is hosting the annual draft for his fantasy football league and asked me to come hang out. Despite the lack of conversation,… Continue reading Bless and Release

Turn Me On

I stir my cocktail with my straw to mix the vodka and Red Bull a bit more than the bartender did. “Well the Feri creation story says that the Goddess was alone, but complete within Herself. She was floating through space when she noticed her reflection in the curve of the Universe. She fell instantly… Continue reading Turn Me On

No Frills Magick – Finding Lost Items

In my last post, I spoke about the practical, no-frills way I approach magick. This week presented me with the opportunity to “practice what I preach.” My friend Jamie has an amazing job that affords her the opportunity to work remotely. She has taken full advantage of this by spending the last several months travelling… Continue reading No Frills Magick – Finding Lost Items