30 Days of Magic – Day 29: Ganesh and the Kala Rite

Not necessarily about magic, but close enough to count I think. As I’ve stated before, I’ve recently started studying the Feri Tradition pretty seriously. One of my struggles has been incorporating my new practices with those I have done for years.

In the morning, I’d do my Feri practice starting with the Kala rite. I’ve posted about this before, so rather than go back over it, I invite you to take a look at that post first. In the evening, I’d set aside time to chant and work with Ganesh. Again, I’ve posted about my work with Ganesh previously, so check that out too. Lately, though, I’ve only been keeping up with the Feri portion of my practice, which has made me feel a little guilty. So, I sat down today to finally figure out how to fit the practices together.

Ganesh is a road-opener God; the remover of Obstacles. He rides the mouse, not only because it demonstrates his ability to defy the constraints of reality, but because on a mouse, he can get to the deepest, darkest corners of the world to clear a path through life’s obstacles. This is exactly what Kala does.

With Kala, you put all your complexes or the things that don’t serve you into a cup of water. Then, using your personal energy or that of your Patron/Matron, you transform the water into a potion that removes these complexes to open the way for you.

Do you see the connection? The answer to fitting the practices together is so obvious; I can’t believe I missed it. So today, I lit the candle on my altar. I poured my glass of water and put the energy from the constraints I’m facing into the glass. Then, I chanted one of Ganesh’s mantras until I felt his presence. I offered him the water to him and felt him transform the water into the potion of healing. I finished my daily practice and ended with a prayer to Ganesh to keep my way open.

I’m not sure that my practice is authentically Feri, but as the late Valerie Walker once said about the tradition, “If you don’t like the lore, go out and make your own!”


30 Days of Magic – Day 7: Restarting the Day

Today was a mess! I didn’t lay my clothes out last night, so I was in a rush to get ready for work. Then, my dogs took a ridiculous amount of time to do their business. Traffic was a mess and to top it off when I finally got to work; I spilled an entire carafe of coffee on me. I was pissed, and I knew the day wasn’t going to be productive.
I drove home and took a shower. Afterward, I stood in front of my closet and was contemplating calling off work. “I wish I could start the day over,” I thought, and then, it came to me. I laid back down in bed and closed my eyes. I visualized how the day could have gone differently. I saw myself putting on clothes I laid out the night before, my dogs were timely in relieving themselves, and traffic was light. I saw myself making coffee without spilling a drop and being happy and focused all day at work. Just visualizing a better day made me feel better.
I stood up, got dressed, and lit the candle on my altar. I prayed the Holy Mother prayer and performed the Kala rite. I felt the water begin to clear away all the stress I have accumulated since my first try at the day. As soon as I got to work, I had to pee. Afterward, as I was washing my hands, I knew the rite was complete and that I had released the negativity. I was purified in spirit, in thought, in feeling, and in action.
For more information on the Kala rite and the Holy Mother prayer, check out Storm Faerywolf’s website at http://www.feritradition.com.

The Kala Rite

I just finished listening to the audiobook Witches of America by Alex Mar. The book details the author’s journey into Occult America. The author spends a lot of time speaking of her interaction with initiates of the Feri Tradition. One of the rites detailed in the book is the Kala Rite and I found it an interesting and simple daily practice that I wanted to share here.

According to Storm Faerywolf, kala is the Hawaiian word for “loosen, untie, or absolve.” The Kala Rite seeks to transform any energetic blocks into power that the witch can use to their advantage. All you need to perform the rite is a glass of fresh water.

After you ground and center, begin to visualize something you wish to be free of. Bring this to the surface, allow the feeling to nearly boil over. When the energy peaks, take three deep breaths and will the energy to fill the glass of water. The water should now appear to be thick, black, and toxic in your mind’s eye.

Now, begin to raise power. Feri Witches prefer to use Blue Fire, a term for Feri energy, but you can use personal energy or draw on energy from the universe. Once you feel charged, place both hands over the water and see the toxic liquid begin to lighten and shimmer with energy. The water will now be transformed into an elixir of power humming with divine light.

To finalize the ritual, drink the water and allow the energy to transform the blockages you are experiencing. Once you urinate, the negative energy will be removed from your body.

I’ve practiced this a few times over the past few weeks and I feel that I have had great results. In fact, I think I will begin researching more about Feri practices and sharing them here.