30 Days of Magic – Day 30: Keeping the Way Open

Today is the last day of my 30 days challenge. It’s been fun, but challenging to say the least. More importantly, it’s helped remind me of the quote from Donald Tyson, that also happens to be the tagline for my blog: “Magic is seldom spectacular because it seldom needs to be.”

It would be easy for me to let this experiment end as quickly as it started since I no longer need daily inspiration or motivation to practice magic. So, today I cast a spell to keep the sense of magic and wonder I’ve cultivated over the past 30 days going forward.
I cast my circle and lit a small purple candle at the foot of my Ganesh statue. I chanted his mantra until I felt the energy build to its apex. I threw open my arms and said:
“Opener of ways, bless my magic.
Let my path to magic be clear.
Let me be reminded of the magic and opportunity in my life each day.”
I visualized the circle exploding into a million tiny sparkles of light and spiraling out into the Universe to do my work.



30 Days of Magic – Day 29: Ganesh and the Kala Rite

Not necessarily about magic, but close enough to count I think. As I’ve stated before, I’ve recently started studying the Feri Tradition pretty seriously. One of my struggles has been incorporating my new practices with those I have done for years.

In the morning, I’d do my Feri practice starting with the Kala rite. I’ve posted about this before, so rather than go back over it, I invite you to take a look at that post first. In the evening, I’d set aside time to chant and work with Ganesh. Again, I’ve posted about my work with Ganesh previously, so check that out too. Lately, though, I’ve only been keeping up with the Feri portion of my practice, which has made me feel a little guilty. So, I sat down today to finally figure out how to fit the practices together.

Ganesh is a road-opener God; the remover of Obstacles. He rides the mouse, not only because it demonstrates his ability to defy the constraints of reality, but because on a mouse, he can get to the deepest, darkest corners of the world to clear a path through life’s obstacles. This is exactly what Kala does.

With Kala, you put all your complexes or the things that don’t serve you into a cup of water. Then, using your personal energy or that of your Patron/Matron, you transform the water into a potion that removes these complexes to open the way for you.

Do you see the connection? The answer to fitting the practices together is so obvious; I can’t believe I missed it. So today, I lit the candle on my altar. I poured my glass of water and put the energy from the constraints I’m facing into the glass. Then, I chanted one of Ganesh’s mantras until I felt his presence. I offered him the water to him and felt him transform the water into the potion of healing. I finished my daily practice and ended with a prayer to Ganesh to keep my way open.

I’m not sure that my practice is authentically Feri, but as the late Valerie Walker once said about the tradition, “If you don’t like the lore, go out and make your own!”

30 Days of Magic – Day 28: Protection Magic Part 2

Today I returned the ring to my friend and helped her to work some magical protection efforts. I walked in to her home and set up at her kitchen table. From my bag, I removed a box of sea salt, a sage smudge stick, a jar of rose water, and a bag of red brick dust.

I cast a circle. First, just large enough to surround the kitchen table. I invoked the Star Goddess and the Guardians, asking them to lend their energy to our magic. I blessed the items and charged them with the energy of protection.

I then pushed the circle outward, to surround the house. I pushed the circle out once again to surround my friend’s entire property.

I took up the sea salt and handed it to my friend. She sprinkled it around her property. While she was doing this, I visualized the sea salt forming a boundary that would serve as a warning to any who tried to harm her.

When she returned, I handed her the lit stick of sage. Again, she carried this around her property. I visualized the smoke fogging the senses of anyone who would attempt to cause her harm.
My friend sprinkled the rose water around her home. In doing so, she created a boundary that only love could cross. After she was done, I buried the left-over thorns from the jar beside her front door, willing them to pierce the spirit of anyone who would attempt to do her harm.

Finally, we lined each door and window with a line of red brick dust. Willing that anyone who should cross them that would do her harm would feel the full force of our magic.

We joined hands at her kitchen table and thanked the Guardians and Goddess for their assistance. Instead of taking down our circle, we visualized it forming a boundary around her home to solidify our spell.

I really hope that her stalker takes the hint and leaves her alone. For their sake.

30 Days of Magic – Day 27: Protection Magic Part 1

Without going into a lot of detail, one of my friends and sisters in the Craft is going through a stalking situation. After doing all the mundane things to protect herself; filing a police report, changing locks, updating her security system, and changing some of her habits; she asked me to help her work some magic.

Today, she brought me one of the rings she wears each day. I placed it at the feet of the Lilith statue that sits upon my altar. I Into my mortar, I placed some dried sage, black peppercorns, and dried red rose petals. With the pestle, I crushed the mixture into a fine power and burned it on a disk of charcoal.

I lit the black candle that sat next to the image of Lilith on my altar. I closed my eyes and invoked the Goddess by saying:
“Lilith, I call to you. I honor you. I desire you[i]

Come to me and aid me in my magick.”

Once I felt Her presence, I told Lilith the story in great detail. Once finished, I held the ring in the flame of the candle, through the smoke of the incense, and finally into a chalice of blood-red wine.

“Protect the one who wears this ring,” I said. I clapped my hands and felt the energy of circle dissipate in all directions.

I plan to give my friend her ring back tomorrow when I help her lay some protection magic around her home. I feel bad for her stalker. She’s not ready for the magic that’s in store for her.

[i] Invocation adapted from “The Magick of Lilith” by Baal Kadmon

30 Days of Magic – Day 26: Magical Recruiting

I’m hiring for a few positions at work, and so far, I’ve not been able to attract the right candidates. Time is running out on filling the position, so I decided to work a little magic.

I pulled out the job description and sat in front of my computer. I launched Word and began to create a resume that matched the competencies that I needed the best candidate to possess. At the top of the resume, where the person’s name usually goes, I typed “Perfect Candidate.” In the summary section, I typed “Available to start immediately.”

I printed the resume, rolled it into a tube, and tied a long piece of string around it. I placed the resume on one side of my kitchen table and sat in the chair on the other side of the table. I lit a white tealight and said: “May the best candidate for my position find their way to me.”

Slowly, I began to pull the string, bring the resume closer to me[i]

. While doing so, I visualized my inbox being flooded by qualified candidates. I visualized the interview going well and the candidate accepting our job offer. When the resume finally reached my hand, I picked it up and burned it in the flame of the tealight.

“So mote it be,” I said, as I went back to my room to review the resumes I knew I’d receive soon.

[i] Technique taken from Earth Magic by Marion Weinstein.

30 Days of Magic – Day 25: Sigil Magic

Inspired by my work with candle magic yesterday, today I decided to create a sigil. Lately, my job has been stressful. Not totally overwhelming, but my workload has definitely increased. So today, I made a sigil to help increase my time management efforts.

To start, I wrote down what I wanted the sigil to do. On a piece of paper I wrote:
“Forty hours a week is enough time to complete my work.”

Then, I rewrote it without any of the vowels.
“Frty hrs wk s ngh tm t cmplt m wrk”

Next, I removed the duplicate letters.

I then rearranged the letters into a symbol that looks interesting and witchy. Satisfied with my symbol, I drew it on a fresh piece of paper. You can also etch into a candle or otherwise create a magical item with it.

With the newly drawn sigil, it was time to activate it. Most Chaos magicians activate sigils with sexual energy, but I decided to do something a bit differently. I taped my sigil to an antique wind-up clock and set the intention that as the clock ticked, the sigil would activate.

Afterward, that sigil was activated, I dropped it into my work bag with the intention that whenever I am in proximity of the sigil, I will be focused on working efficiently. I’m excited to see how this impacts my work day.

30 Days of Magic – Day 24: Candle Magic

I’m in the final stretch of my 30 Days of Magick challenge. Since I’m a little light on topics, I decided to go back to basics. So today, I am going to use a little candle magic.

A quick Google search can give you a plethora of info on what each color and candle type can be used for. Today, I decided to use a little candle magic for inspiration to help me finish this blog series strong. With that in mind, I pulled out an orange and pink candle and laid it on the altar.

I put a few drops of grapefruit oil in my hands and began to rub it into the candle. Since I wanted to draw inspiration to me, I started from the top of the candle and worked my way to the middle. Once complete, I started from the bottom and again worked my way to the middle of the candle.

Once the candle was completely dressed, I closed my eyes and visualized my 30 days of blog posts being finished. I saw myself writing at my laptop without the interference of writer’s block. I felt the sense of accomplishment. Holding the candle, I allowed the energy created from my visualization infusing with every inch of the candle’s wax and wick.

I placed the candle in its holder and lit its wick. As the candle burns, it releases the energy into the universe to bring back my desire. Once the candle has burned down, the magic should begin to manifest.

It can really be that simple. In fact, the simplicity of this form of magic may be one of the reasons it’s often overlooked. Happy casting, y’all.