Resources to Check Out

This is not an all-inclusive list, just the resources I have been using more frequently at the moment. I’m sure this page will continue to be a work-in-progress.

Inspiring People

Jamie Gantt – Jamie is one of my best friends and an amazing personal coach. She is a true personal development rock star who has a knack for getting to the truth of a situation. You can follow her journeys at her blog – Antics of a Girl In Flux

Joanna DeVoe – I started listening to her podcast Hippie Witch by pure chance. Although her beliefs don’t always personally resonate with me, Joanna always gets me thinking and she has lead to me some great resources to further my own practice. One of my favorite episodes of her show is titled Astrotheology and the Original Passover You can check out her website here and her YouTube channel here.

Kelly-Ann Maddox – I stumbled upon Kelly-Ann’s YouTube channel a few years ago and really connected with her approach on Tarot. When she began posting about Chaos Magick, something in my personal practice just seemed to click. I’ve also received a Tarot and crystal ball reading from her in the past and she blends the line between counselor and psychic advisor. Honestly, I want to be Kelly-Ann when I grow up! You can find her website here and her YouTube Channel here.

Molly Roberts – I found Molly Roberts through Joanna Devoe. Molly is an artist, musician, and a bad-ass witch. Her YouTube videos on Book of Shadow prompts helped me to bust out my dusty BOS and put some life back into it. Check out her videos here.

Other Witchy Resources

Lunaf – This site will give you information on astronomy and astrology. I use it to track the phases of the moon and to see what sign the moon is currently in. This definitely helps with magickal planning.

The Planets Today – Like Lunaf, this site gives you a real time look at which sign each of the planets are in. Again, this is super helpful in planning magick.