G is for Glamour

I’m not going to lie. Every time I hear the word “glamour” used in a magickal sense, I instantly picture the scene from The Craft. Don’t roll your eyes. You all know the one I’m talking about. Sarah has a rose and candle, she says some perfectly rhymed phrases, and BAM! She’s blond. Man, how I wish magick worked like that all the time.

The part that the movie got right is that a glamour is an illusion so real as to fool an onlooker and it is an old form of magick (direct quote from the movie…nailed it). Glamours are useful for a variety of things.

First, they can be used if you want to alter your appearance For example, if you have a zit and you want it to be less noticeable, work a glamour on it.

Secondly, they can be used to alter your perception. For example, if I am walking down the street at night and I happen to be in a sketchy neighborhood, I use a glamour to make myself invisible. Granted, I am not really invisible, I just go unnoticed. I will share my personal practice for this below.

Finally, a glamour can be used to fool someone into seeing something or remembering something that didn’t happen. This does bend (or smash to pieces) any idea of the Wiccan Rede, but it can come in handy. However, it does require more than a rhyming couplet and flashy hand gestures. It requires someone who is open energetically to you and it requires a solid visualization and a big oomph of personal energy. It also doesn’t hurt if the other person is very open to suggestion. Think of this type of glamour as magickal hypnotism.

If you want to practice with glamours, I advise you to try it by trial and error. Get creative and have fun. One word of wisdom though, Google searches will bring back tons of spells to change your hair color…for that, just stick with Clairol.

Without further ado…

Joe’s Glamour to Go Unnoticed

First, take several deep breaths and center yourself. In your mind, visualize a mist forming around you. Once the mist clears, visualize yourself clearing with the mist. If you want to say some words of power, these are some I borrowed from protection spell I found online.

Dragon fog and chameleon mist

Fog of the shrouded sea

I blend the haze, refract the light

so that I remain unseen.

F is for Fith Fath

 The needle has made indentations on my thumb as I scrape away pieces of the block of black wax. My altar is covered with bits of the dry wax. After what seems like hours, I hold a crude wax figure . Within it’s belly, I carve out a cavity to hold a slip of paper with her name and zodiac sign on it. On her right foot, I carve a small pentacle. I lay her on the altar and name her “Good Health.” I sprinkle salt on her, to bless her with the steadiness of the earth. I pass her through a candle to imbue her spirit with the life of fire. I sprinkle her with water to cleanse her the healing quality of water. Finally, I pass her through the smoke of incense to give her flight with the element of air. I whisper instructions into her ear and carefully wrap her a piece of white cloth and secure it with a ribbon tied with nine knots. The spell is cast.


Excerpt from my Book of Shadows.

E is for Eclecticism

Recently, there has been a resurgence of an emphasis on Wiccan traditions and a backlash against eclectic practice. People feel that eclectic paganism is not a true religious path and simply made up. . I wholeheartedly disagree. Furthermore, I think it would behoove some Wiccans to research the roots of Wicca, as Wicca was simply an invention of Gerald Gardner. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but the Wiccan we practice are not the same practices that our ancient ancestors practiced.

Spirituality is personal. What works for you, may not work for me and vice versa. With this in mind, I am a devout follower on cafeteria spirituality. I take what works for me and leave behind what doesn’t. I seldom have any difficulty with this because I am a staunch omnist. This is the belief in the validity of all spiritual paths. I believe that God ( for lack of a better term) is encompassed in the entirety of our Universe. God resides in everything. However,  this form of God is unknowable, so we rely on archetypes to build that personal connection. To me, Jesus, Dionysus, Isis, and Kali are all archetypes of a single Source. With this in mind, I am able to blend different religious concepts and practices into a personal practice.  Since my craft name is Aerohstotle and since my spiritual practice is based heavily on Wicca, I termed my personal religion as the Aerohstotlian Tradition of Witchcraft.

For example, one of my personal deities is Ganesh. He adorns my altar and I have many elephant statues around my home. Though I worship him with traditional Hindu offerings and mantra, I will sometime work with Ganesh in a Circle during spellwork. Seated next to Ganesh on my altar is Lilith, my patroness. Since little is known about her outside of Judaic lore, my personal practice with her is derived from Kabbalistic tradition, as well as trial and error. Finally, I embrace the Vodun tradition of ancestral spirits and use cornmeal veve to invite my ancestral spirits come assist.

To a more traditional Witch, reading the paragraph above either would make their head explode or at least have them foaming at the mouth. However, I have worked this way for most of my adult life and have reaped huge benefits. If you are more interested in following a strict tradition, go for it. If not, play around with other cultures and traditions. I promise that you will reap the same benefits I have.

E is for Elephant Shit

I used to be in a terrible relationship. When it came time to break up with this guy, I shared the following story.

“Life is like a big race. We start at one end of the track when we are born and we eventually cross the finish line into death. Along the way, the Universe has hidden treasure for us to find. This treasure includes friends, family, romantic partners, careers, hobbies, passions….However, the Universe feels that we only appreciate what we work for, so before time began, the Universe allowed a herd of wild elephants to walk our path first. Unfortunately for us, these elephants left steaming piles of excrement in our path.”

“This is really where people are separated into two categories. Some people are side steppers, while others are stick holders. Stick holders, walk along their path and when they come across the elephant poop, they poke and prod at it with their stick. They fret about how hard their life is and waste so much time. These people seldom find any of their treasure.”

“Then we have side steppers. Sometimes, they get distracted by the elephant shit, but will eventually side step around it and move on with their life. These people find all of their treasure.”

“With this in mind, I strive to be a side stepper and you,” I began.

At this point, my then boyfriend interrupted to explain that he knew I was calling him a stick holder.

“No”, I said. “You’re just elephant shit.”

D is for Drawing Down the Sun

Mighty Ones, allow my words to echo through the planes.

I call to the God in His many aspects.

I open myself as a vessel for my Lord to shine through me.

I am gentle and ferocious.

I am both, for He is both.

I am the sun, the seed, the stag, and the Hunter.

Within my body are the stars in the night sky.

I am Apollo, Herne, Osiris, and Adonis.

I am the God


Excerpt from my Book of Shadows

D is for Drawing Down the Moon

Mighty Ones, allow my words to echo through the planes.

I call to the Goddess in Her many aspects.

I open myself as a vessel for my Lady to shine through me.

I am beautiful and terrifying.

I am both, for She is both.

I am the moon, the tree, and the ocean.

Within my body is the Earth itself.

I am Diana, Hecate, Isis, and Tara.

I am the Goddess.

Excerpt from my Book of Shadows.

C is for Curse

“If you cannot hex, you cannot heal.  If you cannot curse, you cannot cure.” – Z. Budapest

This quote has been on my mind lately as I have been reviewing the ethics of my personal practice. As I am not for all intents and purposes a Wiccan, but rather a Witch, the Wiccan Rede, while meaning a lot to me, is rather a helpful suggestion than a strict law.

Live and let live is typically my approach to life. I seek to have a peaceful life, and want others to find that as well. However, others are not so agreeable with this sentiment. I try to look at my magical ethics, as I would my everyday ethics. For example, if someone spread a hurtful rumor about me, I would probably confront them and have a conversation, rather than punching them in the face. Any magic that was worked in this situation should follow suit. On the other hand, if someone broke into my house and threatened violence against me, I would not hesitate to grab my gun, stand my ground, and fire a few rounds into their face if need be. I guess the point I am trying to make is that I won’t do anything on the astral that I wouldn’t be willing to do the equivalent of on the physical.

I think that magic mirrors Nature. Sometimes the rain is gentle and nourishes the land. Other times, it’s a hurricane that destroys everything in its path. With that in mind, I look at hexes to be an ugly, but sometimes necessary part of life. There are times when turning the other cheek doesn’t work. I also think that as magical practitioners, we are kind of disrespecting the power of magic by letting ourselves be victimized. Going back to the gun example, my brother bought me a gun when I moved to a smaller town with a history of religious intolerance. He taught me how to operate the gun safely and how to care for it. If I didn’t use this knowledge if I was put in a position where my life depended on it, it was be a slight towards the care and concern my brother showed when he taught me. I think the Goddess would feel the same.

I am not condoning hexing whenever someone slights you, just to be clear. I just believe that as a magical practitioner, the idea of curses should be one that is considered under extreme circumstances and above all we should use our talents to prevent ourselves from being victimized.

In her blog, Aepril Schaile tackles the concept very eloquently. She says,

“A Witch who is worth her salt must be able to travel into the Underworld and deal with the Shades and Shadows who live there…Part of the job of the Queen of Darkness is the ability to curse. It’s just a part of the deal. We must have the balls to use this power sometimes. Not a lot. Not every time someone gives us a hard time. But when it counts, we need to know what we are doing. And we can’t be guilty or ashamed about it. It needs to be owned.”

You can find her blog post here – http://www.aeprilsastrology.com/2012/04/witch-who-cannot-hex-cannot-heal.html