30 Days of Pictures – Day 2

I was having a terrible day when I took this picture. It wasn't like a Greek tragedy of a day, but that day, anything that could have gone wrong, did. I was trying to make the best of it, but the day was getting the best of me. I was out having dinner with three… Continue reading 30 Days of Pictures – Day 2

Coming Out of the Broom Closet – Pt 3: Friends

The friends we make become our chosen family. That makes it even more important to comprise your tribe of people who will support you. Even when we carefully select our friends, it may still be a struggle to decide how open you can be about your chosen spiritual path. I’m lucky to have cultivated friendships… Continue reading Coming Out of the Broom Closet – Pt 3: Friends

Everyday Spirituality

This is another suggestion from a friend, but one I was very interested in writing. My spiritual practice is a priority, but not the priority. I work full-time, have three needy pets, and have an active (sometimes too active) social life. For me, incorporating spirituality in throughout my day is the only way I can… Continue reading Everyday Spirituality

Walking the Spiral – The Ups and Downs of Spirituality

“The closer you get to the light, the bigger your shadow becomes.” – Kingdom Hearts   Most people turn to a spiritual practice to improve their life. What most people fail to understand is that the spiritual journey isn’t an easy path to walk. Additionally, the spiritual journey doesn’t really have a final destination. A… Continue reading Walking the Spiral – The Ups and Downs of Spirituality

Finding my Muchness – Intro

“You’re not the same as you were before. You were much more. ‘Muchier.’You’ve lost your muchness” – The Mad Hatter I’m a badass. Mostly a self-proclaimed badass, but a badass nonetheless. As I’ve grown older, I feel like I lost a piece of myself; I’ve lost my muchness.  Through meditation and reflection, I’ve realized that… Continue reading Finding my Muchness – Intro