30 Days of Magic – Day 21: Reflections

I recently began studying with a Feri group and it has revitalized my daily practice. Each morning, after feeding the dogs and putting on the coffee pot, I move to the altar to get my day started. As part of my daily practice, I pull an oracle card to see what lessons the day has… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 21: Reflections


30 Days of Magic – Day 19: Litha Magic

Today is Litha, the Summer solstice! The sun was at its peak today and will begin to wane for the rest of its trip around the wheel. For me, the sun is a symbol of life, vibrancy, and happiness. With this in mind, I used this special day to cast a spell for continued happiness… Continue reading 30 Days of Magic – Day 19: Litha Magic

Feri and the Art of Curling

Let’s start off with a disclaimer. I am not a Feri initiate or student, so I am in no way an expert. I am simply a seeker who is dipping his toe in Feri. My comments are not from any official teaching; they are just from my personal observations so far. So far, based on… Continue reading Feri and the Art of Curling

Honoring My Beloved Dead– Trish, Chris, and Jinah

  I know it’s the wrong season for this, but I didn’t get around to honoring Trish during the Samhain season. Feelings of guilt, compounded by the fact that Chris and Jinah just recently passed, made me want to write about the three of them now, rather than waiting until Samhain.   Trish I was… Continue reading Honoring My Beloved Dead– Trish, Chris, and Jinah

Spring Reiving

I first learned about the concept of reiving, or the process of ritually cleaning, clearing, and preparing your magickal work space in the book Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. What started as practice of clearing my ritual space before a hefty ritual, slowly evolved to involve my home and surrounding property. The… Continue reading Spring Reiving