Dianne Sylvan Inspired Blog Challenge – I’m Proud of Myself For…

I’ve recently introduced the Iron Pentacle into my daily practice. One of the points I’ve been struggling with is the point of Pride. It’s hard for me to look at myself without comparing myself to others. It feels like kismet that Dianne would include this in her blog challenge since it’s something I’m actively working on. So, here goes nothing…

1. I’m very proud that I am actually pursuing Feri training. It’s been something I’ve been interested in for the last year and finding a training resource was difficult. I didn’t let that stop me. I beat down the proverbial doors until I found a training opportunity.

2. Still Feri related. I’ve been practicing my own brand of Witchcraft for over a decade. I was sure that I would have to alter the training to fit within my current practice, even though I knew I wouldn’t get the most out of my training if I did so. Surprisingly, I’ve kept all the practices authentic to how they were presented. I’m proud of the dedication I’ve shown to this experience.

3. I’m proud of the type of friend I am. Whenever my friends need me, even when I don’t necessarily want to, I stop what I am doing and tend to them. I try to be the type of friend I would want in the situation.

4. I’ve gained a quite a bit of weight in the past few years. Since I’m not okay with that, I’ve joined a gym. Let me be clear; I loathe working out. Still, I’m at the gym at least three days a week. I’m proud that I can push myself to do something that I don’t like.

5. Up until recently, when something didn’t go my way, I would respond terribly. We’re talking rage, tears, and pouting. Now, when I feel these emotions welling up, I can take a breath and reframe the situation in a more positive life. I’m proud of my growth.

This exercise has helped me connect with the Pride point of the Iron Pentacle. This may inspire me to do similar journaling on the other points. Stay tuned 😊


Dianne Sylvan Inspired Blog Challenge – My Favorite Witchy Movies

Most witches I know detest witchy movies because they never show “true” magic. In my opinion, if you want real magic, make some of your own. For me, movies are supposed to be fantastical and over the top. That’s what makes them fun. So here are my favorite witchy movies, in no particular order.

1. The Craft

Why I love it: I love how the girls were outsiders and how little it bothered them. The idea of getting revenge on terrible people resonated with my younger self. I also love how there was just enough real ritual to make it believable.

Favorite scene: When the three antagonists fly through Sarah’s window in her dream and choke her. Neve Campbell’s laugh gives me chills every time.

2. The Mists of Avalon

Why I love it: First of all, Angelica Huston is amazing! Secondly, like the Craft, the movie has enough real magic in it that it inspired some of my early rituals. Almost every line Angelica Huston has in invocation-worthy.

Favorite Scene: It’s a tie. The first is when Arthur is in the burning church and prays to God. Vivienne appears instead and says “You prayed to the God of Heaven, but it is the Goddess of the Earth that has answered you.” The second is towards the end when Morgaine enters a church and sees a Goddess statue repurposed as the Virgin Mary and realizes that even though Christianity has taken over, the Goddess was still alive and well.

3. Practical Magic

Why I love it: It’s a great mix of romance and magic. I also love the dichotomy between the two sisters and their approach to magic and life. It also has a super happy ending full of love and acceptance.

Favorite Scene: When Sally goes to rescue Gilly, and they’re both in the car with Jimmy. Gilly uses magic and appears very close in the mirror to send a secret message to Sally. Amazing!

Those are my top three. What witchy movies do you love?

30 Days of Magic – Day 30: Keeping the Way Open

Today is the last day of my 30 days challenge. It’s been fun, but challenging to say the least. More importantly, it’s helped remind me of the quote from Donald Tyson, that also happens to be the tagline for my blog: “Magic is seldom spectacular because it seldom needs to be.”

It would be easy for me to let this experiment end as quickly as it started since I no longer need daily inspiration or motivation to practice magic. So, today I cast a spell to keep the sense of magic and wonder I’ve cultivated over the past 30 days going forward.
I cast my circle and lit a small purple candle at the foot of my Ganesh statue. I chanted his mantra until I felt the energy build to its apex. I threw open my arms and said:
“Opener of ways, bless my magic.
Let my path to magic be clear.
Let me be reminded of the magic and opportunity in my life each day.”
I visualized the circle exploding into a million tiny sparkles of light and spiraling out into the Universe to do my work.


30 Days of Magic – Day 24: Candle Magic

I’m in the final stretch of my 30 Days of Magick challenge. Since I’m a little light on topics, I decided to go back to basics. So today, I am going to use a little candle magic.

A quick Google search can give you a plethora of info on what each color and candle type can be used for. Today, I decided to use a little candle magic for inspiration to help me finish this blog series strong. With that in mind, I pulled out an orange and pink candle and laid it on the altar.

I put a few drops of grapefruit oil in my hands and began to rub it into the candle. Since I wanted to draw inspiration to me, I started from the top of the candle and worked my way to the middle. Once complete, I started from the bottom and again worked my way to the middle of the candle.

Once the candle was completely dressed, I closed my eyes and visualized my 30 days of blog posts being finished. I saw myself writing at my laptop without the interference of writer’s block. I felt the sense of accomplishment. Holding the candle, I allowed the energy created from my visualization infusing with every inch of the candle’s wax and wick.

I placed the candle in its holder and lit its wick. As the candle burns, it releases the energy into the universe to bring back my desire. Once the candle has burned down, the magic should begin to manifest.

It can really be that simple. In fact, the simplicity of this form of magic may be one of the reasons it’s often overlooked. Happy casting, y’all.


30 Days of Magic – Day 23: Meal Blessing

One thing I admire about the Christians in my life is their practice of praying before each meal. I think it’s a great practice in gratitude and gives them a chance to introduce their spirituality into their daily life. This idea hit me as I was preparing breakfast this morning.

I cracked a few eggs into a pot and put on a few slices of bacon in my cast iron skillet. As everything started to cook, I decided to list those I owed thanks to for bringing this food to me:

The sun and earth for bringing forth the crops that fed the pig and chickens.
The pig for giving its life.
The chicken for giving its eggs.
The farmers for working hard to take care of the animals and crops.
The employees at the packaging plant, shipping company, and grocery store for getting the products to me.
My job for paying me enough to provide the food for myself.
My mother for teaching me to cook for myself.
Finally, I thanked the Goddess for being the source and destination for everything.

I turned off the burners and made a plate of food, making a mental note that I needed to do this more often.

30 Days of Magic – Day 21: Reflections

I recently began studying with a Feri group and it has revitalized my daily practice. Each morning, after feeding the dogs and putting on the coffee pot, I move to the altar to get my day started. As part of my daily practice, I pull an oracle card to see what lessons the day has in store for me.

Lately, I’ve been using the Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alanna Fairchild and Autumn Skye Morrison. Today, I pulled the “Visions of Life Beyond Death” card. While the standard interpretation of the card speaks to embracing what they call Sacred Vision. However, what stood out to me was the peacock featured on the card. In some of the reading I’ve done on the Melek Taus as the Blue God of Feri, he is referenced as the balance of earthly and celestial realms. Meditating on this led me to contemplate the Iron Pentacle. So, I decided to work with the Peacock Angel and the point of Self on the Iron Pentacle.

I cast my circle and lit two candles, red and blue, on each side. In the air above my altar, I drew the Iron Pentacle. I saw the point aligned with the powers of Self grow brighter. I breathed in this energy deeply and exhaled the energy onto the face of the mirror placed on the center of my altar. On the face of the mirror, I visualized an all-seeing eye burning brightly and willed the mirror to help uncover the pieces of myself that I try to leave below the surface.

At once, the images flashed behind my eyes. I saw my positive aspects balanced with my shadow aspects. I saw being kind and generous juxtaposed with my tendency to be accommodating even when it is to my detriment. I saw my drive for success pair with my fear of failure and my desire to make new friends with my fear of being judged by others.

As the experience ended, I recorded my thoughts in my Book of Shadows. I saw the Iron Pentacle fade from view and thanked the Peacock Angel for attending to my circle. As I snuffed the candles, I whispered: “I would know myself in all my parts.”

30 Days of Magic – Day 20: The Perfect Man

Unlike my other gay male friends, the majority of my close friends are straight guys. I have found that these guys are the kindest and most accepting people I have ever met. I got to spend some time with these friends recently, and one of them asked why I wasn’t dating. I gave my standard reply of not having enough time for dating. Another, helpful friend at the table asked: “If you have time to make take a last minute trip with us, you certainly have time to go on a date or two.” I looked around the table for some help and noticed that the other guys were all nodding in agreement.

The topic quickly changed, but I spent a lot of time thinking about it. Time wasn’t my constraint. I usually work Monday through Friday and during the week I’m off by four. If I have to work on a Saturday, I’m out by two. I’m done with school, so I don’t have to deal with that anymore, and every other responsibility takes less than three hours a day to complete. Time is not the issue.

After thinking about it, I realized the issue is that all of the needs that a partner would meet are already met by the people in my life, except for sex, but that’s for another post. I thought about the friends I hang out with and saw that each of them fulfilled a need that the typical boyfriend would fulfill.
For today’s magic, I turned my attention to calling the perfect partner to me at the perfect time. I used the best parts of my friends as the model for my perfect man, kind of like Dr. Frankenstein without the creepy surgery.

I laid out a small bad made of red velvet; the kind you can get at any metaphysical shop. I lit a pink candle and cast a quick circle. As I said the following, I visualized one of my friends, moved a token through the flame of the red candle and dropped it in the bag:

“A poker chip, so that he may have his attitude towards money; that it’s a priority, but never THE priority.
A page from the encyclopedia, so he may have his wealth of knowledge.
A match, so he may have your passion.
A beard comb, so that he may have your good looks.
A feather, so that he may have your gentle nature.
A set of dice, so that he may have your playfulness.
A ring, so that he may have your fidelity and commitment to your family.”

I pulled the drawstring on the bag tight.
“As I speak this final rhyme,

May the perfect man come to me at the perfect time.
For the best of all, but most for me,
As I will, so shall it be.”

I bound the magic to the bag with a kiss and opened my circle. I placed the bag in my underwear drawer to keep it out of sight to let the magic manifest.