About this blog

My name is Joe and I am a Witch. My brand of magick combines personal develop, with American Witchcraft, British Traditional Witchcraft, Chaos Magick, African Diaspora, and anything that I can get my little witchy fingers on. My magickal mottos are “I’ll try anything once” and “If it works, use it.”

I’ve practiced magick, in one form or another, since a very early age. Like most people, as I grew older and had more responsibilities, I let my spiritual practice fall to the wayside. The earliest posts in this blog served as my attempt to bring spirituality back in the forefront of my life.

In the past year or so, I have started a Pagan Study group. Now, this blog serves as a place for me to share information on the topics that the group is currently studying to give myself space to elaborate on my views on a topic without the risk of dominating the conversation within the study group.

My hope is that one day this blog can document my spiritual growth over time and serve as a resource for new and advanced practitioners of magick.



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