30 Days of Magic – Day 10: Creating Opportunities

I have worked in training and development for over a decade. Teaching people new skills, developing their talent, and helping them move forward in their careers is my passion. When I accepted my current position, it was because the company didn’t have a training and development department. Instead, they asked each department manager to train their own staff. When I was hired, the plan was for me to start with one department and slowly branch out to others. Sadly, during my time spent with our contact center, I became a pivotal member of the team and subsequently have had little time to dedicate to other departments.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the impact I have on the contact center team, but this wasn’t what I signed up for. I’ve made small moves and have been successful at getting into other departments to train their employees, but I keep getting pulled back to the contact center. Things came to a head today when I was asked to have a team of contact center employees report to me. This would permanently change my career path, and I know I wouldn’t be happy in the role.
I wandered to the third floor, which is currently under construction, and ducked into the restroom. I glanced down at the Ganesh tattoo on my forearm and began to pray. I expressed my gratitude for the success I have had so far but asked him to open the door for what I truly wanted to do. I asked for an opportunity to show my skills to the decision makers of the company in hopes that they would opt to use me in other departments.
I headed back to my desk and got lost in work. As I was packing up for the day, my phone rang. It was a program manager for the safety department of our parent company. She told that there was a safety training initiative and needed someone to lead the training session for our company. She said she already cleared it with my boss and that I would need to work at our corporate headquarters for a few days to learn the material. Afterward, I would begin training our entire organization, including the decision makers.
I floated out of the office and was on a high the entire drive home. Though prayer isn’t magic in the traditional sense, my plea to Ganesh did help me to co-create my reality. I think the best magic is magic aimed at creating an opportunity, rather than simply manifesting the desired outcome. I’m so excited for the opportunity I was able to (co)create today.


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