Soul Alignment

My alarm goes off much too early. I hit snooze a few more times than necessary. When I finally have the fortitude to get out of bed, I’m frantic. I rush to bathroom to shower, shave, brush my teeth, and dress for work. The strength of my footsteps causes the bell on my altar to brush against the tiny cauldron. Though soft, the ringing makes me pause.

“You’re running late” the Talker says to me. I nod, knowing He’s right.

C’mon, we have a little bit of time” Fetch argues. Conflicted, I pause.

It’s important, I know, but so is work” Talker reasons. I stay, firmly planted, in front of my altar.

“Look, no one gets to work before you anyway. If you are ten minutes later than normal, no one will care” Fetch counters. I smile a bit, knowing Fetch is right.

“You’re the one who wanted more sleep. This is your fault” Talker lectures.

“We wouldn’t have needed more sleep if you didn’t keep us up worrying about hiring the next round of new hires” Fetch antagonizes.

I stand, unable to move, as two parts of me bicker back and forth. Then, I hear a small whisper that breaks the silence.

“Back to your corners children” says the blue rose above me.

At once, I stand before the altar. I close my eyes and I feel the blue and red roots sprout from my feet. With my first breath, the roots break through the floor beneath me. With the second, they break through the concrete foundation of my house. The third, they are digging through the earth. The fourth, deeper now, into the semi-liquid rock of the earth. The fifth, deeper still. Finally, at breath six, my roots have reached the core of liquid metal.

I pull up the energy of the rocks through my roots. I am filled with the strength of the earth. I am grounded; supported.

Still breathing, I fill my lungs with the energy around me. Talker tells Fetch to cultivate this energy in order to bring us into alignment. Fetch listens. Fetch creates a well. I breathe and breathe until this well begins to spill over.

When I can hold no more, I drop my hands to my side and tilt my head back. I exhale, hard, sending a whirlwind of energy to the flower above me; my God Soul. The flower blooms and sends a rain of energy over me. At once, I feel Talker, Fetch, and God Soul come together in unison.

“We are three, who speak as one”[i]

[i] I learned of this practice from Betwixt and Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft by Storm Faerywolf. You can find him online at



4 thoughts on “Soul Alignment”

    1. Neither. I’m drawn to the practice, so I’m reading anything I can get my hands on and speaking with a few people with some experience. I’m deciding whether or not it resonates before I take the leap to actual (official) studies.

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