Activating Your Chakras

A member of my study group commented on the fact that I have mentioned chakras during different conversations, but never really explained chakras. So, here we go. For those new to the topic, chakras refer to the Hindu concept of energy centers located throughout the body. These centers collect and direct life energy. Though there are several of these points in our body, there are seven primary chakras. Keeping them aligned and balanced can help increase magickal abilities, since energy flows more freely, and can keep you healthy.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and glows bright red. This chakra literally roots us to the world. The root chakra rules over our survival instinct. Not only does our fight or flight instinct reside in this chakra, but our connection to money, food, and independence reside in this center. When Witches ground and center before ritual or magick, this is the chakra we are using. Clove and cedar scents can open and activate this chakra. If you prefer using stones,  hematite, red jasper, and smoky quartz can help you to activate this chakra.

Moving upward, we move to the sacral chakra, located just below the naval. This chakra is orange and is your emotional center. The sacral chakra also rules over sexuality and creativity. To activate this chakra, use orange calcite crystals or jasmine.

Just above the naval is the solar plexus chakra. This center is visualized as a yellow sphere of light and controls how we view and value ourselves. This is where our confidence and our sense of strength lives. This is the well we pull our personal power from when using magick. Rosemary and sandalwood oil or incense to open this chakra. Stones such as  tiger’s eye, citrine, and amber also work well with this chakra.

The heart chakra is located in the center of our chest and glows green. This chakra influences our ability to give and experience love. It controls our ability to find inner peace. When you’re around someone you love and your heart flutters, this is your heart chakra at work. When you’re heartbroken, that hole in your chest is your heart chakra as well. Rose and lavender work to open and heal this chakra, as do the emerald, jade, peridot, and rose quartz stones.

In the center of our throat is the blue throat chakra. Communication, self-expression, and personal truth are ruled by this chakra. When we speak words of power, chant, recite mantra, or practice affirmations, the throat chakra is at work. Getting “choked” up when trying to speak is a outward expression of the throat chakra. Use stones like lapis lazuli, turquoise, and sodalite or scents like ylang-ylang and neroli to open the throat chakra.

At the center of your forehead is the third eye chakra. It glows a deep indigo color and controls wisdom, imagination, and psychic ability. When we practice divination or any kind of psychic practice, we are “seeing” through the third eye. Amethyst, angelite, and celestite are the stones that activate this chakra. Vetiver and frankincense open this chakra as well.

At the top of our head is the crown chakra. Its color is brilliant purple and it serves as our direct connection with the Divine. When we pray and aspect divinity, we are using our crown chakra. Lavender and rosewood work to open this chakra. If using stones, selenite, moonstone, or diamond work well with this chakra.

To activate an individual chakra, hold a stone or use a scent associated with that chakra. Close your eyes and visualize the chakra glowing and spinning. If you have trouble, it’s possible that this means that the chakra is damaged. Contemplate what could have caused this damage and make changes to improve this area of your life. Support your actions with continued meditation and working with the chakra.

Over time, you will be able to open all of your chakras during meditation. In fact, I do this each morning and visualize their energy forming a shield around me. With practice, you can learn to open and close chakras at will. I tend to do this by visualizing what could only be described as opening and closing a zipper.

Being aware of chakra energy and knowing how to work with them can make a significant different in your magick. If nothing else, it’s a great tool to add to your magickal arsenal.


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