My (Tiny) Problem with the Witches Pyramid

The Witches Pyramid is a tool used to describe the steps of spellwork. The pyramid equates the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and (sometimes) Spirit, with the respective steps of To Know, To Will, To Dare, To be Silent, and again sometimes, To Go. At its most basic explanation, this simply means that to perform effective magick, a witch much know exactly what it is they want to manifest, to empower this intent with their will, and to dare to invest their emotions into their magick, and to hold silence to allow the magick to manifest. The adage “to go” is often equated to remind the witch to stay balanced in their four elements and to live in harmony with your magick, or speaks to the actual act of releasing energy to do its work.  If you want to learn more, a quick Google search will definitely yield a lot of results.

The pyramid is a great tool to teach and understand magick, but my issue lies in the widely accepted definition of “to hold silence.” Most witches interpret this to be a caution of speaking about your magick. Those in this camp say that telling others about their magick can open up seeds of doubt from non-magickal practitioners. Others say that this steps instead warns witches about dwelling on their magickal efforts in fear or negating their magick with their own skepticism. While I see the wisdom in these interpretations of holding silence, I disagree.

For me, to be silent is better interpreted to mean, “to hold space” or “to act in accord.” Since the element of Earth corresponds to this lesson on the pyramid, I think it is important to remember that the element of Earth embodies the physical world we live in. This is why I place these statements in place of “to hold silence,” rather than at “to go.” Allow me to explain.

Magick seldom manifests our desires out of thin air. Instead, magick simply tips the scales in our favor. For example, author Dorothy Morrison taught a workshop on money magick and told a story of her High Priest who was searching for a job. When she asked how the job search was going and he simply pointed to a green candle burning. Dorothy later explained that magick is nothing unless we are willing to follow through in the mundane world. We have to do the legwork after we cast our magick.

For example, if you are looking for a new love, we can cast the most powerful love spell ever. Aphrodite herself can appear to us and write down a list of everything we’re asking for in our next lover, but we don’t leave our house, how will we ever meet our soulmate? There are several ways we can mundanely hold space for love to enter our lives. First, we can clear our busy schedule and spend time out on the town. We can let our friends now we’re back in the dating pool. Hell, we can even create a Tinder profile.

In another example, a friend of mine once cast a spell for protection since she routinely returned from work late at night. After the spell was cast, she was mugged at gun point. It’s not that I think her spell didn’t work, she just had no mundane follow through. She walked alone in downtown Chicago late at night, wearing expensive jewelry, and stopped by an ATM. Instead of acting in accord, her actions blatantly undermined her magick.

Recently, I cast a spell to help me achieve balance in my busy life. I tend to have very little free time because I don’t have boundaries between work, school, and social time. The three often bleed into each other and since I can’t say no, my sleep schedule is often wrecked. Once I casted the spell, I started acting in accord. I set an alarm for the entire week and I force myself to get up at the same time every day. I set my work schedule and once I am off work, I stop checking email or answering my phone. If I have to stay late one night, I arrange with my coworkers to come in late the next morning to make up for my time. With school, I schedule time through the week to complete assignments and have spoken with my friends about my need to schedule time with them in advance. As a result, my magick doesn’t have to influence the outside environment; it simply has to influence my perspective and my commitment.

By acting in accord and holding space for my magick to manifest, I have experienced a greater success rate. Sure, some people might call it coincidence or the placebo effect, but I say magick is whatever works.


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