We All Float Down Here

Float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank & Enter Inner Space” the headline on the UltraCulture website said. I clicked on it and learned all about sensory deprivation, or float therapy as it’s now commonly referred to. Basically, float therapy involves laying in a tank of water that’s been saturated with large quantities of Epsom salt. This allows you to float effortlessly in the water, which has been warmed to body temperature. The sensation of being weightless has numerous benefits for the physical body, as well as reaching a meditative state. I’m not going to get into the science behind floating or the metaphysical benefits here, you can follow the link above and read what UltraCulture has to say. Instead, I’m going to recount my experience.

I arrived at the float spa near my home and was surprised to see 5 other people waiting for their appointment. After we had all signed in, they took us to a room and made us watch a video on floating. The video promised relief of muscle pain, stress, and spiritual bliss.

After the video, I was taken to my spa room. After I showered and put in my ear plugs, I got into the tank. It was the perfect temperature. I laid back and floated with no effort. I closed my eyes and waited for the spiritual bliss I was promised. It didn’t come.

My mind was racing with things I had to do today, stress from work, and I mentally made a list of things to include in this post. I forced myself to stop thinking and began counting my breaths. This calmed me down and I fell asleep.

This is where the magick happened. I had a dream where I was in a classroom furnished only with a whiteboard.  I wrote everything on the board that was currently stressing me out. When I wrote something down, it would transform into a positive affirmation. For example, I wrote “my job is overwhelming” and it became “I am talented and resourceful.” The entire dream centered around changing my perspective.

Then, I drifted into the side of the tank, woke up, and got salt water in my eye. After I left the tank and showered, I went into the tea room of the spa. I had a cup of tea and realized how relaxed I felt. Not just physically, but the short nap I had was the most restorative rest I have ever felt.

I was also happy. Not in the giddy cheerleader sense, just content and relaxed. In fact, I left during the lunch rush and was stuck in traffic for a while. I just cranked up my music, let people jump in front of me, and just enjoyed my ride home.

If there is a float spa in your area, I’d definitely recommend that you check it out. I know I’ll be going back.



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