St. Expedite Part 2

Last week, I wrote about St. Expedite. I wanted to do a follow-up post because I recently asked him to intercede for me and the results were amazing.

I’ve grown bored with my current job. It isn’t challenging, so dragging myself in there every day is a struggle. To add to it, a few other circumstances made the future of my job uncertain. So, I lit a candle and prayed to St. Expedite. I wrote my requirements for a new job on a piece of paper, read them to him, and placed his candle on the paper to burn out. I promised to give him $10 in quarters and two Sara Lee Pound cakes.

Long story short, I start my new (dream) job on the 19th. Not only will the job be more challenging and fulfilling, but I am working a better schedule for more money. St. Expedite came through in a big way!

So, thank you St. Expedite. You are amazing!




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