The Power of Laughter

One of my favorite movies is The Witches of Eastwick. It’s a great story, with an even better cast. In one of my favorite scenes, the witches laugh uncontrollably and begin to fly. In a later scene, Jane falls over a balcony and clings to a chandelier. Sukie and Alex begin laughing and urge her to laugh with them so she can float to safety. This scene has always stood out to me as being especially magical.

Banishing with laughter is a banishment technique used by chaos magicians. I randomly came across this technique during a conversation with a friend. “Negativity can’t survive in the same environment as laughter” she said while explaining the concept.

After the conversation, I looked online and found that the practice of banishing with laughter seems to fairly straightforward. Below is my take on the practice.

I associate the color yellow with joy and the color black with banishing negative. With this in mind, I start by lighting two candles, one yellow and one black, on my altar. After centering myself, I begin to call images of the negative surrounding me. Once I have the image solidified in my mind, I throw back my head and laugh. Sometimes, I have to force it at first, but I typically end up finding the humor in the darkest of situations and laugh naturally. Once I regain my composure, I visualize the negativity being captured by the energy of the yellow candle before visualizing the negativity being destroyed by the energy of the black candle.

Afterwards, the energy in the room is always lighter and my problems seem to evaporate. Laughing in the face of trouble always puts me in a better mood and my problems seem to be more surmountable.


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