The Grenade – A Spell of Protection, Blessing, and Banishment

After reading through my previous posts, I seem to have posted a lot of information on hexing and cursing. It almost made me want to not create this post for fear of sounding like a paranoid wingnut. However, the spell I’m about to describe can be categorized as a protection spell and fits into a category of spells that I call conditionals.

Before I get to the spell, let me give some backstory. A friend-of-a-friend has been known to make reckless decisions. The aftermath of his decisions have the capacity to hurt himself and those around him. His behavior may actually be foul enough to make me want to distance myself from said friend, mostly out of fear of being associated with this clown.

Contrary to what the previous hexing posts may suggest, I do always look for a way to positively solve problems, both in the mundane and magically. However, there are some situations where whitsey-lightsey magic won’t quite cut it. With that in mind, I tend to use conditionals.

A conditional is a spell that is only triggered if the target of the spell commits an action. It works like a grenade. The spell sits dormant, until the target pulls the pin. This type of spell works great for situations when you can’t decide whether you want to bless or blast someone.

To begin my spell, I gathered up the following ingredients: an old pill bottle, a sample of the target’s writing (any taglock will work), sea salt, red brick dust, red ribbon, black ribbon, and black electrical tape. I laid the ingredients on my kitchen table, lit a few candles, and focused on my breathing to ground and center myself.

I rolled the handwriting sample into a tube. I held it at eye level and said “I name you___. You are him in every way. What happens to you, happens to him,” before placing the writing sample into the pill bottle.

I filled the bottle with a mixture of salt and brick dust. I visualized the target being enclosed in an aura of white light. I said “I surround you with protective light. May this light gently push you toward better decisions to protect you and those around you.”

This first part of the spell was to surround the target with protection. This was not only to bless him, but to help avoid actions that will trigger the subsequent parts of the spell.

I then wrapped the bottle with the red ribbon, then the black.  I visualized a barrier keeping my target at bay from the rest of my friends. I said “If your actions cause harm to my friends, may you be bound. Your tongue will be tied, your limbs unmoving, your spirit shattered.”

This part of the spell was to create the condition that if the target should harm my friends, that he would be left incapable of further harm. This part of the spell was a traditional binding.

Finally, I wrapped the entire bottle with the electrical tape. While wrapping the bottle, I used the words of William S. Burroughs to fuel my magic. I said:

“Lock them out and bar the door,

Lock them out forever more,

Nook and cranny, window, door,

Seal them out forever more,

Curse go back, Curse go back,

Back with double pain and lack,

Silver arrow through the night,

Silver arrow take thy flight,

Silver arrow seek and find,

Cursing art and,

Cursing mind.”

 This final portion of the spell created another condition. If my target’s actions created a wedge between my friends and I, the spell would banish him from the situation and his actions would be returned to him.

I finished up and cleared the space, before leaving the “grenade” in a trash can I know my target would pass by, thus sealing the spell. So far, he hasn’t broken one of the conditions of the spell and I honestly hope he doesn’t. However, if he does, I’m sure my spell will activate and take care of business.

Again, I don’t advocate hexing at every turn, just when it’s appropriate. It’s something every Witch must decide that for themselves. The meme below best illustrates my point of view on hexing.



2 thoughts on “The Grenade – A Spell of Protection, Blessing, and Banishment”

  1. While hexing a person like this is not something I would do myself I can respect it, in seeing the steps taken to not do unnecessary harm and in the ultimate goal to protect people. In many ways it’s just like the physical counterpart of fighting to protect someone. Non-violence only works to a certain degree after all, I sure as hell would step into a fight if I had to in order to protect my friends and family.

    With that said I still would be careful though, with the hexing art. Most importantly is perhaps the realization of unforeseen consequences one might be inviting. Just like in the physical counterpart, if you step in to punch someone in the nose you might get kicked in the head in return, by the target or his allies. And on top of that, are you willing to invite in negative (for lack of a better word) energies to your practice, that may not be easily banished?

    It’s a choice to make and for the right reasons I can respect it, as said. I just hope you know what you’re doing and not going in blind!

    1. I agree that you have to be willing to accept the risks associated with any spellwork you perform and a working like this is not something I enter into lightly. As far as inviting negative energies into my practice, this concerns me little. I tend to work with more primal (again for lack of a better word) deities and see the darker side as something divine as well. The same Goddess that controls the rain that nourishes the crops also controls the hurricane that causes destruction.

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