Daily Practice

One of my best friends is a Buddhist. He and I spend a lot of time discussing spirituality. Last week, he mentioned his daily meditation and mindfulness practices. Afterwards, I began to discuss my practice and he was surprised. In his mind, magickal practices are only done when there is a need. “Like, you’d cast a money spell when you’re short on cash for something” he said when I asked him when he meant. He was surprised when I detailed my daily spiritual practice.

Through further conversations with magickal practitioners, I found that several of them were at a loss as to how a daily practice would benefit them. With this in mind, I decided that I would share my daily practice here.

My first stop when I wake up in the morning is my shower. I know witches are supposed to take magickal baths, but my shower works just fine. I don’t use any fancy products, just the normal stuff you buy at your local supermarket. However, I use them with intent. While I wash my hair, I focus on clearing my thoughts for the day. When I ask my face, I ask my eyes to be open to new possibilities and hidden dangers. When I brush my teeth, I focus on making my words pure. When I wash my body, I ask that I remain protected throughout the day.

After I dress, I make my way to my altar. I light my ancestor candle and speak a short prayer. If I have a special need, I may call upon a specific ancestor, but otherwise, I say,

Beloved dead, I call to you from across the veil. Be with me this blessed day, light my path through the sacred darkness.  Be my voice when I am lost for words. Be my strength, in times of weakness. Be my eyes in the places I cannot see. Be my knees, hold me up strong and proud. Intercede for me and guide me, until the day that we meet again.”

I then light a white candle on my altar that is dedicated to Elegua and say,

            “Elegua, remove the barrier, so that I may pass through.”

I then light my Orisha candle and pray,

I ask Elegua to remove all boundaries, Chango to make me victorious over my enemies, Obatala to make me peaceful, Ogun to bring me purpose, Oya to help me accept change, Orula to show me the unseen, Oshun to bring me love, and Yemaya to keep me protected”

At this point, I set intentions for the day and leave offerings as necessary. Before I leave, I sit in silence for a few moments, snuff the candles, and give thanks.

My daily practice has evolved over the years. I adopt new practices as I learn them to see how they impact my day and continue to use them if they make a positive difference. I also suggest trying new things until you find what works for you.



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