Amethyst Spell to Set Clear Boundaries

You will need:

  • A bottle of purified water (any kind will do)
  • The High Priestess Tarot card (from any deck that speaks to you)
  • A piece of amethyst

Set the items on your altar, as well as any tools you would normally use to cast circle and connect with Deity. Before beginning, close your eyes and concentrate on slowing your breath. Do the following, as you normally would: ground and center, cast circle, invite Divinity to witness and assist with the spell. If these steps are not part of your usual practice, feel free to skip them.

Place the High Priestess card in the center of your altar as a focal point for meditation. The High Priestess knows and respects her own power. When she says “no more,” she means it. She sets clear boundaries for herself and expects others to respect them. Visualize where your boundaries have not been clear. Then, visualize yourself setting clear boundaries. What will those conversations sounds like? What actions will you take? How will you feel when your boundaries are respected?

Visualize this emotion as a tangible energy. Form the energy into a sphere in your right hand. Then will the energy to fill the piece of amethyst[1]. Once this visualization is complete, place the stone in the bottle of water. See the bottle of water glowing with energy as the stone charges the water. Once this visualization is clear, remove the stone from the water, thank Divinity for their help and take down your circle.

The water can be used in many ways. You can use it to brew tea or coffee to create a potion to strengthen your will in regards to creating healthy boundaries, you can use it a magickal bath, or you can use it as a floorwash to use in physical places in which you have trouble maintaining healthy boundaries.



[1] This technique can be used to empower a crystal for any type of spellwork.


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