Weekly Tarot Reading


This week, I pulled the Hanged Man, the 10 of Swords and the 6 of Cups.

The Hanged Man represents indecision, restraint, and limitations. Since the Hanged Man is not bound, he depicts a period of self-imposed restraint. By applying this card to what’s currently happening in my life, I understand this to signal a period of inaction. Much too often, I try to fix things that may not be broken. I try to force things to happen even if they are outside my sphere of influence. For me, the Hanged Man is telling me to chill out and let the cards fall where they may.

The 10 of Swords is, admittedly, a scary card for me to pull. It shows a man, face down in a pool of blood with ten swords protruding from his back. For me, this card symbolizes being stabbed in the back by those you trust. Although this card positions the querent as the victim, it also denotes that the issue at hand was outside of their control and that the worse that could happen has already passed. Things will get better.

Conversely, the 6 of Cups symbolizes happier times. Innocence is the word I most commonly associate with this card. The card urges the querent to remember happier times and to seek joy in simple pleasures.

After reading the cards individually, I turned to reading them as a whole. The Hanged Man tells me to take a moment of inaction, reflection, and rest in my current situation. He tells me to let what is to happen, happen without interference. If I fail to take his advice, the 10 of Swords depicts me making the problem worse. Instead, by seeking joy rather than drama, things will end much more positively.


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