Cleansing Stones for Magick

After you have selected a crystal to use in a magickal operation, cleansing it before use should be your next step. Cleansing is important to remove any previous impressions that have been left within the stone. Since stones and crystals are excellent storehouses for energy, they tend to pick up any energy they come into contact with. This means that they may hold the energy of anyone who touched them as they rifled through the display case. Cleansing a stone removes this energy and provides a blank slate for you to work with. There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, but I’ve shared the ones I use the most.

  1. Salt Water

The typical method to cleanse stone is by soaking them overnight (or longer) in a dish of filtered water and sea salt. Both water and sea salt have cleansing properties, so any latent energy and prepare them for use.


  1. Earthing

The Earth naturally nullified and cleanses negative energy. With this in mind, stones can be buried in the Earth for cleansing.


  1. Solar/Lunar Cleansing

Depending on what the stone will be used for, I may opt to cleanse it using the sun or moon. To do so, I leave the stone in a place that will allow it to absorb the light on either the noonday sun or the phase of the moon. This is often the method I use to cleanse moonstone.


  1. Energy/Visualization

Sometimes, I simply use my personal energy to cleanse stone. I hold the stone in my hand and visualize the latent energy I wish to remove. Next, I ground and center, and feel the energy of the Earth rise through my chakras. I direct this energy to my hand and see the energy flooding the crystal, in turn, pushing out any latent energy.

Like I stated before, there are several ways to cleanse stones before using them in magick. In fact, several Wiccan traditions have elaborate rituals to cleanse stones. I suggest trying several cleansings on several pieces of the same crystal to see how each technique works for you.





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