Weekly Tarot Reading


Tonight, I pulled some cards to give me some insight into the coming week. I drew the Three of Cups, the Six of Pentacles, and the Seven of Cups.

The Three of Cups shows three women dancing together with upraised chalices. This symbolizes celebration and close friendships. With the issues I’ve recently had with my friends, this denotes that things will improve.

The Six of Pentacles depicts a men sharing money with others. The scale in is hand represents the balance of finances and responsible money management. This card may depict that I will be in a position to offer a loan to someone or to donate to charity. On the other hand, it might mean that someone will be in a position to assist me with something.

Finally, we have the Seven of Cups. The card shows a woman daydreaming, with seven cups, each with a different icon inside. For me, I consider this a warning about wishful thinking and anxiety. Several issues have been weighing on my mind and I have imagined all the possible outcomes, sometimes causing me sleepless nights. I’ll interpret this card to mean that I should remain grounded in the present and allow the proverbial cards to fall as they may.


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