A Witch’s Treasure Chest – The Use of Crystals and Stones

One of the occult stores I frequent has a wide selection of crystals and stones. They easily have over 500 different stones available for purchase. Each stone comes with a little card that explains the magickal uses of the stone including their healing properties and astrological correspondences. While I love the selection, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find the “right” stone. I’ve seen this happen with people I have taken to the store when they were first getting started with a magickal practice. To help with this, I have created a list of my 13 “go-to” stones for witches.

  1. Quartz is the Swiss Army knife of magickal stones. It can be used to enhance any spell work. I keep a quartz crystal on my altar amplify and store energy. I’ve also found that quartz crystals are easily reprogrammed. For example, if I use a piece of quartz for a protection spell, I can cleanse it as later use it for weather magick. With its versatility, every witch should have several quartz crystals.
  2. Rose Quartz is another popular stone in witchcraft. Rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra and, because of this, is the quintessential stone of all forms of love. I use rose quartz to promote love and friendships, heal negativity between love ones, and increase self-love.
  3. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection. Not only does it protect against astral nasties, but it protects against mundane danger as well. Because of this, tiger’s eye is a component in any protection spell I create, as well something I keep in my car for safe travel.
  4. Fluorite is one of my favorite stones. Fluorite helps provide mental clarity and enhances concentration. Not only does this make it a great stone for meditation, but it’s a great stone for students and the workplace. I keep a small piece of fluorite on my desk to help me with writer’s block and for school work. I also keep a piece in my work bag, to use when I can’t focus at work.
  5. Amethyst is another stone I use frequently. It’s another meditative stone and helps to promote psychic sensitivity. Additionally, amethyst is a stone of sobriety. Not only is this sobriety in the physical sense, but can help sober our negative behaviors. For example, I have a tendency towards self-sabotage. I’ve used amethyst to help me overcome and curtail this behavior.
  6. Carnelian is another protection store. Most notably, it is used against psychic attacks. It is also used to boost confidence and can be used to overcome fears. Because of this, I also find that carnelian is a great stone to use in beauty and lust magick.
  7. Citrine is a great stone to use in money magick as it attracts prosperity. I also use this for magick related to work and success.
  8. Hematite is a must have for the witch. After magick, ritual, divination, and meditation, it is important to ground yourself. For hematite helps alter your awareness to increase your propensity in the activities mentioned and helps facilitate grounding.
  9. Obsidian is a protective stone, but more importantly, it helps unlock the door to our subconscious mind. This is useful in magick and meditation, as well as for shadow work.
  10. Angelite is an unusual addition to this list. To be honest, I didn’t know that angelite existed before I found it in the store I mentioned. However, angelite is an amazing tool for witches. For me, it’s the opposite of obsidian. As its name suggests, angelite helps a witch connect with spirit guides and their higher self. It also is used to help heal relationships.
  11. Scolecite is a stone of connections. Not only is it used for networking and relationships, but scolecite’s energy will help form connections of a magickal variety too. For example, scolecite can aid in divination.
  12. Selenite, as the name suggests is a stone with lunar associations, so it can be used in moon magick. It can also be used to focus and charge other magickal items. In fact, there are several wands or blades made of selenite that can be used in place of an athame. Selenite can also help with memory recall, which is especially useful in dream work.
  13. Bloodstone is another magickal catchall. Not only is it extremely protective, but it can add an extra oomph to your magick. Additionally, it attracts success and prosperity.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but only the stone I use most often in magick. Try some for yourself and see if you get similar results. In future posts, I will share ways to use stones in



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