V is for Vanilla Bean

I haven’t written for a while. Working full time at a new job and being a full time student has taken a lot of my free time, but I at least want to finish my alphabet posts before I reconsider what to do with this space.

I’ve always been a kitchen witch at heart. There is something magical about cooking. When I cook for my friends and family, it gives me a moment to show gratitude. Gratitude for my life, gratitude for the job that gives me the means to provide for myself and my family, gratitude for the farmers that worked hard to provide me with my food. I always put a little love into my food and sometimes opt for using ingredients that serve a magical and culinary purpose.

I recently started a new job and have loved every moment on it. However, my coworkers and I have recently not been seeing eye to eye. I’ve been placed into a position when my effectiveness has been called into question due to obstacles they have put in my way. Now, I don’t think they have done so purposely, but when I started a conversation about my concerns, they became extremely defensive. Rather than belabor the point, I decided to use some kitchen magic to sweeten their disposition.

Vanilla beans are often associated with passion and lust. I also see them as promoting loving, peaceful energy. I often bake for coworkers around special occasions (I make a mean chocolate mint cookie). Prior to beginning baking, I place a few vanilla beans into the sugar I am using for the recipe. I then use the sugar in the recipe as usual. While preparing the cookies, I visualized myself and my coworkers working together in harmony. Once I deliver the cookies, we will share them and we will internalize the energy.

I challenge everyone to find a magical use of their cooking and share their ideas.


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