V is for Vodou Shopping List

I recently celebrated my birthday by spending a weekend in New Orleans with some friends. While I was there, I was able to visit a lot of Vodou shops and bought some interesting things.

1. Red Brick Dust – for protection, consecration, and money magick

2. A Marie Laveau pendant – a gift for my mother

3. A Harlequin Vodou doll – to bring balance

4. The cutest Vodou doll I have ever seen – for overcoming obstacles (see him below)

5. A Seven African Powers necklace – for invoking the seven primary Loas of Vodou spirit guides from African tribes into your life (edited for accuracy after a little more research. Check those sources kids 🙂 )

Once I get through the alphabet with these posts, I plan on doing a few posts about my interests in Vodou.

vodou doll

The cutest Vodou doll in the world!


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