V is for Vocal Techniques for Magick

Recently, I was invited to a small full moon ritual hosted by a solitary I’ve known for years. I have never practiced with her or any of her other Pagan friends, but I was excited to attend. We gathered around the altar she set in her living room and one of her friends cast the circle. The woman casting the circle wrote an incredible circle casting chant, yet she delivered it in a monotone voice. It completely nullified the beauty of her words. This was only the beginning. The people asked to call the elements read the invocations from index cards in a similar monotone voice. Finally, the Charge of the Goddess was read by my hostess from a spiral bound notebook in, you guessed it, a monotone voice. It was hard to get into a spiritual mindset when everything felt forced.

This experience made me think back to one of the last Real Witches Balls I attended in Columbus. Raymond Buckland presented a workshop during which he spoke about the use of voice in magick and ritual. Like candles, gems, and herbs, the voice is a magickal tool and it can be used to enhance magick and ritual.

For example, when casting the circle, I like to use a commanding voice when possible. This voice is loud and confident. It commands respect and intention. This signals to myself and those I might be practicing with that the ritual has begun. I also use this voice in magick for protection and banishing.

When calling to the elements or Deity, I use what I call a compelling voice. It’s confident, such as the commanding voice, but is calm and respectful (since, you should not command primal energies). I also use this voice for spellwork involving love and friendship.

Finally, I use whisper when working magick for retribution, as whispering allows me to keep any anger-based energy bubbling just below the surface until I am ready to release it. I also use a whisper when calling a spirit guide or a thoughtform back to me.

How do you use your voice in ritual?


2 thoughts on “V is for Vocal Techniques for Magick”

  1. I’m not any sort of Wiccan, so I don’t make circle casting an everyday part of my work for starters. However, as a solitary on our main sabbats I “call” a circle of household-chosen deities; I don’t write anything, nor chant. I call, as if calling across a field (of Being?) to welcome beloved friends — that IS my tone, not one of command, but one of welcome and joyous greeting.

    As for the more typical protective circle, I only do that for serious work dealing with healing, de-hexing, or protection and then I call the same Beings, but as I would speak to allies. The only other ritual use of my voice is walking the Labyrinth with names of the war dead — when I sing a song welcoming them home and to a crossing.

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