U is for Unconscious Magic

    When many magical practitioners think of magic, typically their thoughts include elaborate rituals. Even those who practice folk magic will have thoughts on using candles, gemstones, or herbs in their magical practice. However, when you become adept at magic, you will experience what many call “unconscious magic.”

Unconscious magic occurs when your intention is fueled my energy outside of any formal magic practice. For example, my first interaction with unconscious magic happened when I got a tattoo. At this time in my life, I have dozens of people I considered friends. We hung out all the time, got drinks, went shopping, went to concerts, among many other activities enjoyed by careless youths. To commemorate my friendships, I decided that I wanted a tattoo of a sparrow with the words “Amicus verus est rara avis” which is Latin for “A true friend is a rare bird.” During the session, I thought about my friends and about my personal definition of friendship. The pain I felt as the tattoo needle repeatedly pierced my skin was enough energy to fuel my (unconscious) intention. As a result, while the tattoo was healing, several of my “friends” suddenly stopped calling me. Others moved away. My tattoo was ultimately a charm to remove the wrong friends from my life and to attract my true friends.

In the Gardnerian Book of Shadows it (loosely) says that power increases with knowledge and that thoughts wax more powerfully on the astral plane. With this in mind, it is important for witches to exercise caution with their thoughts, especially during emotional times. Without this caution, energetic intentions could turn into unconscious magic.


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