T is for Toxic People

    When you practice Wicca, either through spell work or by communing with the energies of nature, you become a beacon of light in a dark world. Much like a lighthouse illuminates the coast to provide safety for boats, magical practitioners act as a signal for those around us. At times, this light attracts people to us. As they get closer to their light, their shadows get bigger. Often times, we will help those around us as they face their shadows. They act as the soldiers in their personal war, while we support them as spiritual medics. From time to time, we attract people to us who would rather we fight their battles for them. They expect us to be their champion and refuse to get off their asses and fight for themselves. These people leach off of our energy and drag us down to their level. Over the past few weeks, a few of my friends have made changes to better their lives and I am doing everything in my power to assist them. The dichotomy of these genuine people and the toxic people in my life is too blatant to overlook.

    I gather my tools: one length of white cord, three lengths of black cord, my athame, and a white candle. Once my circle is cast, I light the white candle and center myself. I braid the black cords around the white and lay it on my altar. As I speak the charm, I use my athame to cut the black cords away from the white.

    You are as bright as fire, but cannot find your way. I release you.

    You are a strong as iron, but tempered too hot. I release you.

    Your laugh is like music, but your tongue is a sword. I release you.

I bury the black cords in the cemetery near my home, and leave the white cord as a symbol of freedom on my altar. So be it done.



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