R is for Reawaken

    My mother’s family owns a lot of land in central Kentucky. Since my mother’s great-grandparents lived on this property, my family affectionately referred to the land as the “Old Home Place.” My mother spent every summer here and decided to take my siblings and me to visit one summer. While walking around the woods surrounding the main house, my mom showed me a clearing that she used to play in as a child. Since there were two identical beech trees in the center of the clearing, my mother always called this place the “Twin Beeches.” From that moment on, I always found the Twin Beeches to be a very magical place. Not only was in a natural place of magic, but it connected me to my mother, and in turn, my ancestors.

    Last year I focused a lot of energy on reconnecting to my spirituality. I felt like I needed to perform a ritual to reawaken my connection to the Universe and the location for the ritual was of primary importance. I decided that the Twin Beeches would be the perfect place. Since no one lives at the property anymore, I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted. However, finding the location by myself was going to be a problem.

    I packed my athame, my wand, a chalice, a bottle of champagne, and a quartz crystal. In addition to my ritual tools, I took a campus, enough water for two days, a flashlight, emergency flares, and some matches. I drove to Kentucky in the morning and arrived at the Old Home Place midafternoon. I parked my car at the main house and started my trek into the woods to find the Twin Beeches.

    Although I gave myself enough time to locate the clearing before dark, I got lost. Instead of panicking, I understood this to be part of my journey. Just as the sun set, I found my way to the Twin Beeches. I gathered some branches and built a small fire. I laid out my tools and began to meditate.

    In meditation, I thought about the magic of this place. It was a place that my mother spent her childhood. A place owned by my family for generations. A place of natural beauty. If any place were a natural temple to my ancestry and natural magic, the Twin Beeches was definitely on the list. I let the powers of blood and nature course through my veins and connected to the Universe.


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