O is for Oya

What I destroy, you no longer need1.

    Oya is the Yoruba Orisha of the wind. She creates devastating storms through her dancing. Although Oya can be seen as a darker aspect of the Goddess, her winds bring forth change. Below is a ritual I have used to release unwanted energy patterns from my life.


You will need corn meal, a machete (or knife), and an eggplant. Take your items to a deserted place. Do not cast a circle. With the corn meal, create a symbol on the ground that represents the energies you want to release. In the center of your symbol, place the eggplant as an offering to Oya. Raise the machete to the sky and silently call to Oya to bring the winds of change to your life. Visualize the symbol being blown to the four corners of the world. When your visualization is complete, sheath the machete, and leave the area without looking back.


1 This quote is taken from Thalia Took’s Goddess Oracle. You can find more from Thalia at her website found here.



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