O is for Obstacles

Although my spiritual practice follows a standard Wiccan framework, I use practices from many traditions. One example is my affinity for Ganesh. As a Hindu deity, Ganesh is commonly referred to as the Remover of Obstacles. In this capacity, Ganesh removes any obstacles standing in an adherent’s path. In addition, he is also known to place obstacles in your path to remind you how strong you really are.

In Vodou, Road Openers describe clear the way to a better life or when starting something new. Below is an example of my Ganesh-powered Road Opener incense and meditation.


Blend together equal parts of cedar, sage, and lemongrass. Burn over coals in front of an image in Ganesh. Visualize yourself on a road obstructed by several rocks. See yourself, aided by Ganesh removing the rocks one at a time until the road is clear. Once this is complete, ground and center, and bring yourself out of the meditation.


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