N is for Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot. In most decks, it depicts a man with a bandage around his head holding himself up with one wand, while being surrounded by eight other wands. In divination, the Nine of Wands symbolizes victory after a conflict, courage, and inner strength. In magick, the uses of this card are similar. Below is a victory spell from my Book of Shadows. I use it to make the odds more favorable to me in times of crisis.

This spell is best performed on a Tuesday just after dark. You will need the Nine of Wands and the Chariot cards from a Tarot deck, an incense of pine, dragonsblood, black peper, and coffee, and nine red candles. Light the incense and place the censer on the altar along with the two tarot cards and one of the red candles. Place the other 8 candles in a circle around your working space. Ground and center and cast the circle. As you cast the circle, light the candles one by one. Save the candle on the altar for last. Stand before the altar and say

“Mighty warrior, I call you near

I call thee forth, by shield and spear.

Fierce and untamed, whose mighty power can make

The strongest walls from their foundations shake.

I call you know to attend me to

And ensure my victory.”

One my one, snuff the candles out, but allow the altar candle to burn. Release the circle and send the energy to do its work.



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