M is for Meditation

As a baby witch, I gave little importance to meditation. In fact, I thought it was pointless. My magic worked well enough, I was spiritually fulfilled, so what was the point. When I entered into adulthood, with the busy schedule and demanding job, I often felt frazzled. I was tired all the time, stressed out, and really unorganized. My energy was always so scattered that I was convinced that a simple full moon rite might actually conjure a demon (not really, but you get the idea). So, I turned to a wise woman in my life and she recommended meditation.

At first, it didn’t feel right to be alone with my own thoughts, so I used prerecorded guided meditations. I found most of these on CD in occult book stores and on YouTube. After a while, the narration became a distraction. They always paused for too long, which caused me to mentally create my grocery list, or they paused for too little, which caused my visualizations to become interrupted. Now, I use guided meditations to get the gist of the visualization and work through it myself.

Meditation has become my preferred method of magical practice. If I want to banish something, I go into a meditative state and visualize myself destroying what I want banished. If I need a boost of energy, I meditate and visualize myself pulling up energy from the Earth. My meditative magic is usually more impactful than a full blown ritual.

Below is an excerpt from my BOS about a meditation I did a few nights ago.


I lit the white candle on my altar and settled before it. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. As I relaxed, I let the thoughts come naturally. I observed them and allowed them to float away. I then visualized myself growing roots and becoming one with the Earth. As the visualization continued, my body was transformed into vegetation. My feet and legs were covered in vines; my torso was a tree trunk, my arms branches. I scanned my body and saw that some of the plants were dead. I responded to this by mentally pruning the dead plants away from me. I saw them being burned by the light of the candle. I noticed movement on my leg. A small garter snake slithered its way up my body. I wasn’t scared, I allowed it to happen. On my shoulder I noticed a lady bug. Again, I allowed the lady bug to remain. I finished my meditation and snuffed out the candle. Tomorrow I will work on finding out what these animals mean to me. Blessed be.


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