L is for Lilith Beauty Spell

As mentioned in the previous post, Lilith is my patron Goddess. I call upon Her for much of my magical practices. Below is a simple spell from my Book of Shadows that calls upon Lilith to enhance your beauty (adapted from Fiona Horne)


You will need:

3 black candles

2 red candles

Clove incense

Dark spiced rum in a silver chalice

A mirror

A representation of Lilith


Light the clove incense and place it on the altar in front of the image of Lilith and the mirror. Sprinkle the altar with a bit of the rum. Arrange the black candles in the shape of a triangle with the point facing the altar. Arrange the 2 red candles with the black candles to form a pentagram shape. Light the candles and stand in the center. Say the following:

Black winged Goddess of the Night,

I cast this spell, so that I

Will radiate a blinding light

And bewitch all held within my sight*”


* Adapted from Fiona Horne


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