K is for Keep It Simple Stupid pt 1

I’ve been a magical practitioner for as long as I can remember. For a while now, I’ve been researching different occult topics. I’ve read books on Kabballah, Ceremonial Magick, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Hellenism, Thelema, Theosophical practices, and more…I needed more. While these beliefs helped me, I was still hungry for more.

I wrote previously about Dianne Sylvan’s course about Becoming a Spiritual Nomad. I went through this course and ultimately, went back through some basics. As a long time magical practitioner, I fought this tooth and nail, but I did it anyway.

I sat before my barren altar and called to my Gods. They didn’t answer. Now before you question this, please trust that it was my limited understanding that caused this, not the Gods…I closed my eyes and willed the elements to come to me…again, I heard nothing. The Universe had slapped me with a glove, I understood that this was a challenge.

I sat before my barren altar. I closed my eyes and said “I sit before the altar of opportunity.”





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