J is for Josh’s Curse

Ok, so a little background. I once dated this guy named Josh. He was cute, he liked to have a good time, and did I mention he was cute. Early on, things were great. Since he made significantly less money than I did, and since I have disposable income, I planned extravagant dates. At one point, I took care of some legal fees that he had that were hanging over his head. Shortly thereafter, I found out about his roommate. I use that term loosely. What he considered a roommate, turned out to be his live in boyfriend. I had never been used like this before and I had a tough time getting over it. So, I decided to cast the below spell.


My altar was arranged crudely on the hearth of my fireplace. On one side sat a blood red candle. To the other was a black candle.  In the middle was a bottle of whiskey, a pack of clove cigarettes, and the pieces of jigsaw puzzle. I lit a match, lit both candles, the fireplace, and my cigarette all in one motion. I closed my eyes to cast a circle, but decided against it. The circle is a place for holy work; this wasn’t that type of spell.

Slowly, I pieced the puzzle together while concentrating on the ways that Josh crossed me. With each piece, my anger grew. As my anger grew, the flames seemed to leap higher, yet the candles burned slower. When I was finished, I looked down at the completed puzzle. It was a ferocious dragon and it was the perfect representation of Josh.

Slowly, I tore the puzzle apart, piece by piece, and threw them in the fire. As I did this, I imagined tearing Josh apart. At first, it was figurative. I saw him losing his job, losing his home, losing the love of his boyfriend. Then it got petty. I saw him losing his hair and gaining weight. Finally, it got a little literal. I saw him being picked apart by birds and torn limb from limb. Once I was done, I threw the candles in the fire and finished the bottle of whiskey. The curse was laid.

Now it was time to work on me…

To be continued.


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