J is for Joe’s Healing

Once Josh’s curse was cast, I knew he would get what he deserved, but I was still a wreck because of the relationship. I didn’t trust anyone since I was taken advantage of. I felt stupid because I didn’t see the warning signs.  I needed to do something to heal me.

I cleaned the mess I made while throwing the curse. I then gave the room a healthy smudging with sage and sprinkling with salt water. I then moved to the main altar in my bedroom. On the altar was a crystal point of amethyst, a green candle, and another puzzle box. I lit the candle and cast my circle.

Slowly, I began to piece together the puzzle, remembering the person I was before Josh and willing myself to be that person again. Once I was complete, I painted over the puzzle with clear adhesive. I meditated while the adhesive dried. Once dry, I framed the puzzle, a portrait of the knight in gleaming armor. I glued the amethyst point to the knight’s shield. I held the picture high and said

“I name you Joe. Thou art God.”

The puzzle now hangs above my bed and is a constant reminder of who I am.


Excerpt from my Book of Shadows

June 2011


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