I is for Identify, Objectify, and Banish

Many Wiccan’s neglect the fact that a lot of Wiccan magical practices were borrowed from ceremonial magic. Once I strayed from Wicca, I began study all forms of occultism. I started with Donald Michael Kraig’s book Modern Magick. In it, I learned one of the best techniques for banishing called I.O.B. or Identify, Objectify, and Banish.

Below is a transcript from my Book of Shadow’s that details my experience with this technique.


I’ve struggled with confidence since I was a kid. When I was younger, I was called shy, but as an adult, it is seen as weakness. It wasn’t until I became focused on my career that I realized that this personality trait could cause issues for me. I grabbed Kraig’s book from my bookshelf and began to prepare myself for an I.O.B working.

I cleared my altar. On it’s surface, I placed a black candle, my athame, a dish with a bundle of sage, and my altar pentacle. I lit my candle and from it’s flame light the bundle of sage. I smudged the area and grounded myself. I cast my circle and summoned the four guardians.

I began to visualize my poor self confidence as a human. I pictured myself as a small child and named him Shy. He looked innocent enough. In fact, I almost felt sorry that I was going to banish him. However, the more I thought of my situation, the more I saw the negative effects of holding onto this trait. I remembered how I was bullied and pushed into decisions that weren’t the best for me.  I remembered the people that took advantage of me and how angry it made me.

As these memories coursed through my mind, Shy changed. His angelic appearance become more demonic. His skin turned ashen blue, his eyes black. I took the athame from the altar and severed the etheric cords that connected me to Shy. As I did this, Shy was pushed from my Circle. I lifted my athame to the sky and placed my left hand on the altar pentacle. I said the words ‘Be far from me, all ye profane.’ With a rush of energy, my circle closed. The energy soared through the Universe, taking Shy with it.

My will was done.


– Excerpt from my Book of Shadows July 2009


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