H is for Hathor’s Mirror: A Transit of Venus Spell

A simple altar is set on my back porch. The small table is adorned with a green pillar candle, the Empress from my tarot deck, a small censer of rose and myrtle, a wand of sycamore, and the old copper mirror I found in an antique store.

The transit started the earlier in the night, but I wanted to wait until the last thirty minutes to cast my spell. I light another cigarette while I wait. I think about the power of this astronomical event. Another transit of Venus will not happen until 2117. Since I doubt I will be alive when I am 132, I figure this is the only time I can use the energy to my benefit.

I snuff out my cigarette. I stand to ground and center. I take the wand and cast my circle. In the light of the green candle, I look for the mirror. I hold it high and visualize the power of Venus surging through me. I silently empower the mirror to serve me as an amulet of protection. Any energy that is sent to me will be reflected back by the power of the mirror.

I snuff the candle with my fingers. The spell is cast.

June 6, 2012


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