G is for Glamour

I’m not going to lie. Every time I hear the word “glamour” used in a magickal sense, I instantly picture the scene from The Craft. Don’t roll your eyes. You all know the one I’m talking about. Sarah has a rose and candle, she says some perfectly rhymed phrases, and BAM! She’s blond. Man, how I wish magick worked like that all the time.

The part that the movie got right is that a glamour is an illusion so real as to fool an onlooker and it is an old form of magick (direct quote from the movie…nailed it). Glamours are useful for a variety of things.

First, they can be used if you want to alter your appearance For example, if you have a zit and you want it to be less noticeable, work a glamour on it.

Secondly, they can be used to alter your perception. For example, if I am walking down the street at night and I happen to be in a sketchy neighborhood, I use a glamour to make myself invisible. Granted, I am not really invisible, I just go unnoticed. I will share my personal practice for this below.

Finally, a glamour can be used to fool someone into seeing something or remembering something that didn’t happen. This does bend (or smash to pieces) any idea of the Wiccan Rede, but it can come in handy. However, it does require more than a rhyming couplet and flashy hand gestures. It requires someone who is open energetically to you and it requires a solid visualization and a big oomph of personal energy. It also doesn’t hurt if the other person is very open to suggestion. Think of this type of glamour as magickal hypnotism.

If you want to practice with glamours, I advise you to try it by trial and error. Get creative and have fun. One word of wisdom though, Google searches will bring back tons of spells to change your hair color…for that, just stick with Clairol.

Without further ado…

Joe’s Glamour to Go Unnoticed

First, take several deep breaths and center yourself. In your mind, visualize a mist forming around you. Once the mist clears, visualize yourself clearing with the mist. If you want to say some words of power, these are some I borrowed from protection spell I found online.

Dragon fog and chameleon mist

Fog of the shrouded sea

I blend the haze, refract the light

so that I remain unseen.


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