F is for Fith Fath

 The needle has made indentations on my thumb as I scrape away pieces of the block of black wax. My altar is covered with bits of the dry wax. After what seems like hours, I hold a crude wax figure . Within it’s belly, I carve out a cavity to hold a slip of paper with her name and zodiac sign on it. On her right foot, I carve a small pentacle. I lay her on the altar and name her “Good Health.” I sprinkle salt on her, to bless her with the steadiness of the earth. I pass her through a candle to imbue her spirit with the life of fire. I sprinkle her with water to cleanse her the healing quality of water. Finally, I pass her through the smoke of incense to give her flight with the element of air. I whisper instructions into her ear and carefully wrap her a piece of white cloth and secure it with a ribbon tied with nine knots. The spell is cast.


Excerpt from my Book of Shadows.


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