C is for Cleansing

As a (more than slight) empath, I tend to be (more than) a little OCD about spiritual cleansing. I thought the tricks that I use were commonplace in the Magical community, but after a discussion with a friend, I thought I would share a few of my tricks on here.

Tip #1 – Bath products

I work in customer service and the work environment can often be negative. In addition, negative energies (or sometimes just foreign energies) can be picked up from anywhere. Like most people, when I’ve had a long day, I shower almost immediately upon getting home, especially after a rough day. A way I have found to combine spiritual and physical cleansing is by adding sea salt, grapefruit oil, and tea tree oil to my body wash and shampoo. Sea salt is the quintessential cleansing component in many forms of magic. Grapefruit oil is another cleansing component, plus is can relieve migraines and stress. Finally, tree tree oil is magically aligned with strength. It is also helpful to find bath products that already have a bit of the oils in them or at least the fragrance.  You can even make a ritual of the mixing by lighting a few candles and asking your Patron to bless them.

Tip 1.5 – This is also great for showering in the morning to get rid of any astral gunk you pick up while dreaming.

Tip #2 – Carpet Powder

There are a lot of commercial powders that you can sprinkle on your carpet, then when you vacuum it up, it makes your house smell fresh. As a pet owner, I purchase these a lot….since my animal can be gross sometimes (but those stories are for a different post). When I buy the powder, I dump into into an old coffee canister. Into the canister, I also mix seal salt, dried sage, dried rosemary, and dried thyme. I close the canister and give it a good shake. Now when I sprinkle this on the carpet, I am purifying the room as well.

Tip #2.5 I also mix sea salt with my laundry detergent.

Tip #3- Sage in the Garage

I have an attached garage that I park in every night. If I have an intense day, I smudge myself with some sage that I keep readily available in the garage before I enter my home.

Tip #4 – Crystal Trap

I love clear quartz crystals since they are a magical catchall. I have several medium sized pieces that I purchased from a local pagan shop that I keep in different places. One rests on my nightstand, another in my car, and yet another on my desk at work. I also have one that stays in my suitcase when I travel. I bless the crystals with the intent of being a negative energy trap. Usually, just being in the vicinity of the crystal does the trick. When the energy is a little too much for that, holding the crystal and mentally pushing the energy into it does the trick. Once a month or so, I gather up all the crystals and soak them in (you guessed it!) salt water to empty them out so to speak…

So these are my tips. I hope you find them useful.


One thought on “C is for Cleansing”

  1. Oh, good one! I think being able to ‘wash off the world’ is good for anyone now and then! I’ve suggested to my over-stressed mate that he install a ritual wash bowl by the front door…to literally wash off his job stress so as to change speed for home life.

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