B is for Brooms and Brickdust

    The candles are creating little pools of black wax on my table as I gather my supplies. Three yucca brooms, dust made of five red bricks, iron filings, dragon’s blood resin, and a vial of sunflower oil.

    I feel the Circle spin around me as I place the iron filings and dragon’s blood into the vial of oil. With a quick shake, I mix the oil and bless it the name of Ares, God of War. With my hand over the dish of dust, I invoke the names of Deimos and Phobos, the son’s of Ares, who represented Fear and Panic.

   The Circle spins faster as I push it’s boundaries to surround my house. I anoint the brooms with the oil. As I hang them over the entrances to my home, I ask that Ares declares war on anyone who walks beneath the broom who would cause me harm. I sprinkle the dust over the thresholds of the door way and every window and ask the son’s of Ares to cause fear and panic in the minds of anyone who crossed into my home uninvited.

With a clap of my hands the Circle is released  and my spell is cast.

– Joe (spell date 8/23/13)


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