H is for Honoring Your Beloved Dead

This is the time of the year that I usually flood my blog with stories of my Beloved Dead. This year, I decided to keep that part of my practice a little close to the vest. This decision is mostly because I’ve already written about those whose stories I feel comfortable sharing. Instead, I decided… Continue reading H is for Honoring Your Beloved Dead


G is for Ghosts in the Armchair

I have an armchair in the corner of my room. I’d had it for so long I don’t even remember where I got it from. It’s where I do a lot of reading. It’s also where I do most of my meditative work. It’s just a chair, but my continued meditative work has seemed to… Continue reading G is for Ghosts in the Armchair

G is Going Separate Ways

One of the lessons I’ve been taught several times over is that issues you don’t sufficiently deal with continue to repeat until you have. One personal issue that continues to come up for me involves creating healthy boundaries, especially when it comes to my friends. This week, the Universe gifted me with an opportunity to… Continue reading G is Going Separate Ways

F is for Flying Ointment

Witches are well known for having the ability to fly. Witches of old stirred cauldrons filled with diabolical herbs that they would later slather on their bodies to fly to the Sabbath…but that’s not what this post is about. Well, not entirely. In the early 2000s, my city was home to several occult shops. Each… Continue reading F is for Flying Ointment

F is for Fear

The moon is waning; it’s just a sliver in the sky. It’s cool for a summer night. My campsite is secluded enough, but I’m still concerned that a passerby might overhear the work I’m doing. The small fire crackles as I add the packet I purchased online to the coals. The orange flames now burn… Continue reading F is for Fear

E is for Egocentrism and (Legit) Nazis

On Saturday, August 17th, the Proud Boys, a neo-Nazi organization marched in my city. I was furious. While I live in the Midwest and even though my state went red during the last election, I never thought this was possible. I felt the first stirring on anger start to rise as I took to my… Continue reading E is for Egocentrism and (Legit) Nazis

E is for Entitled Little Shithead

I just celebrated my birthday last week. For as long as I can remember, my birthday has been a pretty big deal for me. Spiritually speaking, I consider my birthday to be an important holiday. It’s the day I was blessed with the gift of life, and as selfish as it sounds, I love to… Continue reading E is for Entitled Little Shithead