30 Days of Magic – Day 17: Blackholes

My cable and internet went out yesterday. First, I had no idea how addicted I was to my devices, but that’s for another post. I finished all my housework and caught up on some reading. When it was time to wind down for the night, I wanted to watch something on TV. I dug through my old DVDs and found my DVDs of Heroes, a drama that focuses on people with superpowers. One character stuck with me through today. He had the power to create mini blackholes that sucked up everything in its path. Not only was the power cool, but the visual effect was amazing.

Today was a pretty normal day, but it seemed like everyone was on edge. My coworker snapped at me because he couldn’t get Excel to cooperate with him, my boss miscommunicated a project to me and was flustered when I didn’t provide him with what he needed, and my work bestie was in a bad mood since she didn’t get time for her vacation approved. This constant negativity just began to bog me down.

Inspired by Heroes, I decided to make a little blackhole of my own. I held out my hand and visualized a point of black light. I saw the light spin counterclockwise, slow at first, but faster as I continued to breathe and focus more energy into my hand. I then visualized the light turning into a cone that sucked all the negativity that came into my presence into oblivion. Slowly, I moved the blackhole to just over my left shoulder and willed it to be anchored there.

Throughout the rest of the day, any time I interacted with someone who was exuding negativity, I saw that energy be sucked right into the blackhole and out of my space. It worked so well that most people who walked over to vent out a random frustration immediately stopped when they stood in front of me.

Like most of the magic I’ve worked during this challenge, I’m going to add my blackhole technique to my magical Swiss Army knife to use in the future.


30 Days of Magic – Day 16: Sweat the Small Stuff

Some more work magic for the day. I was recently asked to lead some sales training for another department. I happily agreed since I’m trying to showcase my skills to more business units. This team has also been struggling to meet their goals, so any help I could give would be resume-worthy.

I split the sales team into two groups for more hands-on training. The first session went flawlessly. The second session, not so much. There is this one sales agent, named Eliza who has a lot of opinions. Normally, I like that, but she seems to be above it all. She reminds me of one of the mean girls from high school. Throughout the entire training, she was rolling her eyes, contradicting me, and just being generally disruptive.

After the session was over, I excused myself to the breakroom to refill my coffee. When I realized I forgot my notebook in the training room, I walked in to find her speaking negatively about me. When I asked for feedback, she simply said: “You tried your best.”

My blood was boiling. Luckily, I was able to keep my cool long enough to express some concerns to her supervisor. I told him that I felt that the first session went better and that the second group may benefit from more specialized training on topics they struggle with.

As I drove to the gym, I was still enraged. I’m not sure why I felt this emotional over someone who has no impact on my life, but it didn’t matter at the time. I pulled into the gym and sulked as I changed out of my work clothes.

When I got on the treadmill, I decided that I was going to use this anger in a positive way. I closed my eyes and told myself that I would banish my anger through my sweat. I cranked the treadmill up faster than maybe I should have and began to run.
I ran my ass off. By the time I ran my standard mile, I was covered in sweat. I was still mad, but not boiling. I drove home while listening to a podcast. I parked my car, walked into my house, and stripped naked in my hallway. I turned on my shower and busted out some mint and black pepper soap. I let the water wash over me and used the soap to clean my body with the intention of banishing my anger.

Once my shower was done, I toweled off and smudged myself with some sage for a little extra kick. Now, I’m eating some ice cream and getting ready for bed. I’m much calmer and think I’m ready to handle Eliza better in the future. If not, she’ll just become my motivation at the gym.

30 Days of Magic – Day 15: Dream Magic

Lately, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Between work, studying, taking care of my pets, and keeping up with my social commitments, I’m asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. When I wake, I can’t recall any of my dreams.

This bothered me a bit. First, I thoroughly enjoy my dreams. For me, the more outlandish the dream, the better. Second, I feel like my dreams are a way for my subconscious mind to speak to me my conscious mind. This communication allows me to discern what I must do or what I’m ignoring. Finally, my dreams are often the avenue my guides and deities take to communicate guidance to me. Without my dreams, I would be missing out on so much.

The past few nights, I attempted to do the usual routine. I placed a notebook on my nightstand to write down any dream fragments that I recalled in the morning. Before bed, I closed my eyes and told myself that I would remember my dreams. Despite this effort, I woke up the next morning with no recollection.

I placed a piece of girasol opal on my altar, a stone that can help with dreaming. I lit my altar candle and started with my usual opening ritual. I held the stone in both hands and brought it close to my heart. I felt the stone begin to vibrate and brought it up to my lips. I whispered my intention into the stone.

“Stone of clarity – keep my dreams bright. So bright, that there is no chance that I would ever forget. Stone of clarity – be a vessel for my dreams should they be too big for me to contain. Store of clarity – by my will, be it done.”
I closed my ritual in my usual fashion and dropped the stone is a small velvet bag. I rubbed the bag between my hands and placed it in one of my pillowcases. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight!

30 Days of Magic – Day 14: Compassion and Accountability

I hold a leadership position at my company. My job, unfortunately, includes the responsibility to make hiring and, unfortunately, firing decisions. The former is one of my favorite parts of my job. The latter, one of the least.

Today, one of my coworkers approached me and asked for my advice for disciplinary action for one of our employees. I used my typical approach, but asked my peer not to tell me which employee he was speaking about. This helps me remain unbiased.

My coworker explained that one of our customer service representatives had hung up on a caller. I asked if the caller had been abusive or if there could be some kind of mistake. The disconnect was deliberate. To make matters worse, the representative had recently been consulted for similar behavior.

“Well then, we have to let them go,” I said. The words sounded cold, but we couldn’t accept that type of behavior if we expected our customers to be happy. My coworker agreed with me and started to walk away.

“Who was it, by the way?” I asked, almost regretting the question as soon as the words left my lips. My coworker told me, and my stomach sank.

The employee in question was fairly new to the company. I trained him and knew from the time I spent with him that he was a new father. He accepted the position with us for the advancement opportunities our company offers. He hoped that he could work for us and provide enough income that his wife wouldn’t have to return to work. I tried to come up with a reason to keep him with us, but my opinion had already been shared.

I went to my normal hiding place at work, the third-floor bathroom. It was empty as usual. I washed my hands and tried to center myself. I ran a current of energy through my body and formed it into a tiny sparkling ball of light in my right hand. I took a deep breath and ran another current of energy and formed another ball of energy in my left hand.

I visualized the ball in my right hand glowing a soft pink. I infused it with the power of compassion. I visualized my coworker terminating the employee with kindness. I visualized the employee being given feedback on how to perform better in his future behaviors. I visualized the employee being offered suggestions for companies to apply for. Once the visualization was solid, I sent the ball of light to my coworker.

I saw the ball in my left hand glow iron gray. Into this ball, I added the power of accountability. I visualized the employee taking responsibility for the actions that led to his termination. I saw him take the news well and without blaming others. Finally, I saw him learn from this mistake and succeeding in his goal to care for his family. This energy was sent to the employee.

I left work before the conversation happened, but my peer called me to explain that the conversation went well and that the employee already had a lead on a new job. This made me happy with my decision to offer my true opinion of the situation and to add a little magic to the mix.

30 Days of Magic – Day 13: The Power of Clothes

I’m not even halfway through my journey of magic, and I’m already running out of ideas. This morning while in the shower, I was listening to The Fat Feminist Witch podcast. In her episode Resurrecting Bad Ass Old Witches and Magickal Fashionistas, she discussed using color in your wardrobe to empower your day and reviewed the book Magical Fashionista by Tess Whitehurst. Check them out for some inspiration and maybe stop by Laurie Cabot’s twitter for some daily inspiration.
After brushing my teeth, I asked myself ‘What kind of energy do I want to bring into my life today?’ I knew today would be a busy day since one of my key employees is leaving the department and I would have to make some decisions about who would take her workload. I also had to manage to find time for my normal workload as well. I looked in my closet and couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. Using advice gleaned from the podcast, I asked myself “If I were using candle magic, what candle would I want to use?”
“Orange” I said aloud. My sleeping dogs shot upright at my pronouncement and seeing that it wasn’t time to go outside, they immediately fell back asleep. I scoured my closet until I found an orange dress shirt that I wasn’t even sure still fit. Luckily, it did. I also found a pair of orange underwear that I’m pretty sure belonged to my ex. Even luckier, he and I wore the same size!
I stood before my mirror wearing my orange shirt and my orange boxer briefs under my dress pants and visualized my aura. I say it slowly fade into view and I even more slowly adjusted my visualization until my aura glowed the same color as my shirt. I clapped my hands to solidify my magic and my aura faded from my view.
My energy was sky-high all day when usually I hit a slump two-hours before the end of my shift. My focus was laser-sharp as well. I was able to concentrate fully on the task at hand and identify the best possible solutions to problems almost immediately. I was so good today that people from other departments came to ask for assistance with issues within their unit.
After today, not only will I include orange in my wardrobe more often, but I will use clothes as a magical tool. I can’t wait to try this again tomorrow!

30 Days of Magic – Day 12: The Waterfall

I had plans to meet with a friend after work tonight. It was mildly inconvenient because I was off at 3:30 and he didn’t get off until 5. Originally, I planned to stay at work until 5 to get caught up on some work. Lucky for me, it was a slow day, and I was able to knock out everything I had to do by 3 o’clock. To fill the time between leaving work and meeting with my friend, I decided to drive around for a bit.

I drove with no real route. I thought about going home until it was time to meet up with my friend, but then I noticed I was on Hayden Run road. I quickly changed my plan as I pulled into Hayden Falls Park.
The hot weather hit me as soon as I opened my door. I walked down the rickety wooden steps and walked down the long wooden ramp. With each step, the temperature seemed to drop until I was standing in front of a beautiful waterfall.
Usually, the waterfall is crowded with people. Especially on days as beautifully hot as today. In fact, on days like today, people usually ignore the “no swimming” sign and hop over the railing to play in the waterfall. Today, however, I was standing in front of the fall all alone.
Well, that’s not exactly true. I was accompanied by a stray black cat. This added to the witchy mystique of this place. I set my water bottle on the railing and returned my silenced cell phone to my pocket. I closed my eyes and silently called to the elements.
“To North, to the rocky cliffs and the growing trees. I call to the Earth to bring me stability and build me up. To the East, to the gentle breeze and the singing birds. I call to the Air to bring me wisdom and insight. To the South, to the waxing sun. I call to the Fire to bring me drive and ignite my passion. To the West, to the crashing waterfall and the flowing river. I call to the Water to cleanse me and bring me back into the flow of life.”
I felt connected to nature more than I ever have in the past few months. I leaned on the railing and sipped my water, basking in the glow of the energy of the moment. I spoke my wishes to the waterfall and to any of my allies that may have been present. I whispered spells of growth and gratitude and continued happiness.
My buzzing phone finally broke my trance. It was my friend asking where I was. Apparently, I had spent nearly 90 minutes at the falls. I apologized and said I’d be on my way. Maybe time slipped away from me, or maybe I simply slipped out time.

30 Days of Magic – Day 11: A Witch and the Church

Have you ever met someone and immediately thought, “We’re going to be friends?” Well, that’s what happened with Sarah and I.  We had similar senses of humor, the same drive to succeed, and a love for all things ridiculous. We also shared a spiritual curiosity. In fact, when I started my online study group, Sarah was one of the first people who joined.

Through her studies, Sarah ultimately found her way back to the church. She renewed her faith in Christ and felt that his teachings made her a more compassionate person. She’s still the same Sarah I met year ago, just more grounded and secure in who she is. She’s still active in the study group, but serves as a counter balance to our discussions on pagan spirituality. It leads to amazing discussions.

Tonight, Sarah has invited me to attend church with her. I’m a fan of Jesus, well the Jesus in the Bible, but not the Jesus represented by most Christians. I agreed to go, but later decided to check out the church. I pulled up the church’s website and saw a link to the Pastor’s blog. I clicked the link and immediately resented my curiosity.

The first blog post was a video of Pastor Ken discussing marriage equality. Sure, he used very loving language, but it wasn’t enough to hide the disgust the pastor felt towards the LGBT community. I started to dive deeper into the blog, but was afraid that the more I found would only increase the anger I was feeling to this man and his congregation.

How could I tell Sarah that I didn’t want to attend this church with her? She’s been so supportive of me and I didn’t want to attend a simple church service based on someone’s opinion of gay people. At the same time, how could I find anything this pastor said meaningful or positive after I’ve seen his views about people like me?

I sat before my altar and lit one of my prayer candles and shuffled a deck of oracle cards. The single card I pulled depicted a woman shrouded in a white cloak. The card was labeled Trust. I laid the card on my altar and stood. I placed my hands over my solar plexus chakra. I felt my chakra blooming like a yellow rose. It glowed like a flame as it spun. When I felt it fully open, I felt my connection to my intellect, to the direction in life, to the power of “gut reactions.” I said to myself “Should I go tonight” and I felt the chakra stutter as it turned. I knew the choice was clear.

I grabbed my phone and texted Sarah to tell her that I couldn’t attend. She understood that I have fought really hard to learn to be accepting and supportive of myself and didn’t want me to go somewhere where I didn’t feel welcome. I think she also knew that my tongue is formidable weapon when I am provoked (I’m working on it). Instead, Sarah and I made plans to hang out someplace else to have a discussion on the biblical Jesus and I can’t wait!