T is for Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Tarot Reading

As someone who reads Tarot, I’m often called upon to do ad hoc readings for friends and the occasional professional client. Over the years, I’ve experienced people who were disappointed in their readings because their expectations didn’t align with the reality of what a Tarot reading is, or at least my style of Tarot reading.… Continue reading T is for Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Tarot Reading

S is for Sabbats (again)

In my last entry, I ran through how I celebrate the Sabbats. Since each of our Crafts are incredibly personal, it’s important that you create a wheel of the year observation that meets your needs. What follows is a slightly disorganized list of ways to explore the Sabbats and etch out your own traditions.  … Continue reading S is for Sabbats (again)

S is for Sabbats

  The Wheel of the Year was something that always inspired me as a young witch. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism had a rich tradition of holiday that afforded them more credibility. As I delved more into nature-based spirituality, I was excited to see that there were holidays that I could observe. At first, I celebrated them as… Continue reading S is for Sabbats

R is for Red is for Love

I think at one point or another all witches use candle magic. There’s something intrinsically witchy about candle magic. We could get into all the ins and outs of candle magic – the proper way to charge them, how to inscribe them, which direction you rub oil on them. We’re not going to go that… Continue reading R is for Red is for Love

Q is for Quarantine Beltane

I generally like to celebrate the sabbats on their astrological dates. Beltane falls when the sun is at 15 degrees Taurus. This will happen just before 8pm (eastern) on Monday May 4th. Beltane is the time of High Spring. We’re finally beginning to see warmer weather and plants are starting to bloom. The promise of… Continue reading Q is for Quarantine Beltane

Q is for Queen of Wands

Have you ever shuffled a deck of Tarot cards before a reading and have a random card fall out of the deck. Most of the Tarot readers I know call these cards jumpers. Sometimes it’s due to a shuffling mishap. Other times, it’s because that card is begging to be read. In my experience, the… Continue reading Q is for Queen of Wands

P is for Pandemic Blessings

Before I even get started, this post is in no way suggesting that the current global pandemic is a good thing. However, I believe that good things can sprout from adversity and trauma. Below is a short list of some good things I am finding in the midst of our current situation.   Home –… Continue reading P is for Pandemic Blessings

P is for Periwinkle Egg

My mother’s side of the family is extremely Christian. They spend every holiday in church and then spend the afternoon eating the huge spread my grandma spent hours cooking. This happens on every Christian holiday, but my absolute favorite is Easter. Though the lore isn’t my cup of tea, I can get behind the message… Continue reading P is for Periwinkle Egg

P is for Path of Least Resistance

As a magical practitioner, I’ve learned several “rules” of magic firsthand. The one that I’m often reminded of and the one that other magic workers around me seem most baffled by is that magic will follow the path of least resistance. For example, if I cast a spell for $100, I probably won’t find a… Continue reading P is for Path of Least Resistance